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Friday, March 20, 2015

Purchasing tips for the toy collector

Its summer and the days where the gathering of toy collectors and 
cosplayers  is upon us.

2 days of TAGCOM 2015 starts tomorow, Martch 21, Saturday to Sunday March 22.
Today is ingress day. I want to share to you some of the rare toys that can be seen
tomorow at the toy show.
ticket prices are: 100.00 each regardless if you are an attendant, or a cosplayer.
you pay 100.00 (if you dont have an exhibitor's ID)

vintage cars, diecast toys from yesteryears

voltes V memorabilia

voltes V mask, shirts

voltes V memorabilia 

voltes V watch

diecast vintage cars
here are some of the pictures of the ingress
sound system personel for the stage

exhibitors and sellers busy unpacking their stuffs




Derrick Ko is a toy collector who appraises the value of vintage toys.  He also 
offers advice for how you can protect your children’s toys while they’re using them.
Below are some tips I gathered through my few decades spent as a vintage toy lover, 
ever wonder how we)me and my brother) become a a toy lover and eventually a 
collector?  here are some tips he shared.

How to Become a Toy Collector
1. If going to an event like toycon, collecticon , tagcom, these  toy shows have 
 flea market like or stall like  booths,,bring a friend or a group .
after all,  Collecting is a social activity.
2.  Utilize research tools;  search engines, blogs, websites , informations
bout toys and its history are out there ,  read and discover from there.

4.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the exhibitor/seller . like
history of the toy, the name, information etc. and try to make a bargain.

5. Collect what you love.  Never think of  “what this will be worth after a decade?”
 when it comes to purchasing. its only a toy. if you cant have it now
try next toy exhibit.
6.  dont store your vintage  toys in extreme hot, cold and  damp environments. 
Avoid storing them in direct sunlight. It can fade packing and  bleach out 
some fabrics. 
7.  Be careful and aware of what you can truly afford. Don’t over spend.

How to Preserve Your Son's Toys
1.   monitor how your kids play with their toys.
2. While most kids’ toys today are suitable for outdoor use, keeping them clean 
at the end of the day is a must.  a  good wipe down if the toys have been in mud 
or sand. And be sure to keep electronic toys out of water.
3. Explain to children the importance of keeping your /their toy together and 
intact with all its accessories.  tell ur son, “How would Dart vader  feel if 
he didn’t have his light saber? You need to help him fight Skywalker by keeping 
his weapon close to him.   Don’t lose it.”  If you can find a way to explain it in a 
child’s eyes, it makes it more personal to them.
5. Try give praises each week that the toys are put back on shelves or away in a 
toy cabinet.   The child gets a new toy at the end of the month if he has good behavior
now hows that?!
6.  Encourage your kids to donate some of their older toys TO YOU!!! Hehehe and 
buy them  a new one!

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out. see you tomorow at  TAGCOM 2015!!
booth 31 RETRO TOY COLLECTIONS look for Derrick.

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