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Monday, March 23, 2015

9th TAGCOM 2015: Summer Toy event.

From its first event in 2005, TAGCOM has grown to just another toy event.
on its 9th yr, this is one of the first major events, this summer of 2015.
this year's TAGCOM is on March 21 - 22, 2015 Megatrade hall 3.
the organizers: picture from Dan Castro

Organized before the heat of summer begin. its one of the most awaited event
in case toy lovers cannot wait till June, so its made by collectors for collectors.
Staff at day 2 Eunice


staff at day 1 Keren 

If you haven’t been to this year's TAGCOM , check out what they have for this
year and here are some interesting scenes in pictures.

Hodge Podge mobile buddies, ballpens, keychains, ID buddies, bookmarks,
cat dangler,  they also have a product called Stikfigz ,  now in their 3rd yr.
Hotline: 0917-345HOPO (4676)   Instagram: @heyhodgepodge
our neighbor, Hodge Podge mobile buddies

Besides cosplay, karoke singing contests, toy exhibits, with 8 cabinets for 8 groups
and 2 tables for diorama display.

one of my favorite song number during the karaoke contest is the one performed
by an enthusiast who is not Japanese. he sang Chi Chi Wo Motomete - 父をもとめ)
or the VoltesV ending theme.
  Charles Cardenas. Winner of Tagcom Day 1 raffle.from: Halimaw! Sculptures Pics from Dan Castro

Ryan Orosco! Winner of the Green Lantern Statue by Halimaw! pics from Dan Castro

Halimaw Scultures sponsored these for the major prizes in the raffle draw.

picture from Dan Castro

also seen are the always present Comic Book Artists.

for this year, the management and organizers has decided a new rule for cosplayers.
and so No ticket dont cosplay policy was strictly implemented and Megatrade hall 2
was opened for them. and  for the two day(s) event, you would observe that
there are less cosplayers outside the hall. so the event is spacious for mallshoppers
and for toy collectors inside the event restrooms are not crowded for the first time.
the guards & marshalls were implementing the policy and all cosplayers obliged.
there was no photobooth set-up wihin vicinity,so there were no trash within the
vicinity unlike before, no one was littering.

The cosplay community is alive and thriving, it is propelled forward by amazing
animes, comics, movies, video games, and all kinds of media. and this time
Cosplayers can be found roaming around to show  the art of cosplay and the
incredibly positive community surrounding it. and this year, for the first time,
the halls of Megatrade 2 where opened for them.(& their photographer friends)

look at some pictures of the incredibly creative cosplay costumes that people have
made and created loyal cosplay fans.

To be honest, posting up and updating photos is a long tiring process.
but I love to share photos that really inspires the beauty and passion of cosplays.

by the way, for COSPLAYERS, DC Comics needs your help for setting a world record
called The DC Comics Super Hero World Record Event – to take place on April 17, 2015
if you want to join: remember: (DC Comics heroes, not villains ha)
To participate in setting this heroic world record, DC Comics fans must dress from head-to-toe 
as an instantly recognized Super Hero that has been featured in a DC Comics published book,
film, or tv and do this at the same time, at numerous venues all over the world within 24 hours 
the event will be held in The Block Atrium, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City.
DC Comics fans are encouraged to come in this fun event and dress themselves in cowls, masks, 
& capes to represent their much loved DC Comics Super Hero. and to take part in establishing this 
heroic world record.

Egress can a little bit earlier than expected at 815pm, exhibitors  started

This is  your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out, see you when RETROTOYS join
in our next event, this coming June 2015.


  1. Those toys make me feel nostalgic of childhood. :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment about my Karaoke performance :D