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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Orchid book Launching

At around 4pm yesterday, I attended the book launching of the book of Jim Cootes
and  George Tiong, the book is entitled "A Guide to Dendrobium of the Philippines"
which is held at the tropical Garden.

I arrived at around 2pm and the members and officer of L.O.C.  have been busy setting
up the place along with officers of PHSI. at the other side, friends from the P.O.S.  are
busy setting up for the upcoming Flora Filipina 2015 also held at the QC Circle.

Dennis Umali

LOC Staff setting up the event venue at the QC circle Tropical Garden

 Mr. Christopher Castillo, Ms. Rowena Aben Daquioag, Mr. Joel dela Cruz and Mr. Niel Maceda

The staffs at Leaque of Orchid Conservationist, headed by the president of PHSI,
Mam Dorie Bernabe, the Board of Trustees of (PHSI)Philippine Hosticultural Society
were all busy and are actively participating in this orchid book launching event.
the program started at 430pm with Ms . Mitch Frankenberger Pellicer and Doctor
John Clifton Martyr as the event's emcee, and then Mr. Jim Cootes was introduced by
Dr. Nelson T. Geraldino who is a photographer and orchid collector.

my humble friend Rey Ong is calling out the shots in the background for this
successful book launching event.also orchid conservationist Niel Maceda who is
very active in helping out with the distribution.

the author Jim Cootes, from Sydney

I look forward to these opportunities to meet  authors, new friends, as well
as book buyers and collectors, orchid enthusiast, librarians, book sellers and
bibliophiles, during these rare occasions.

 League of Orchid Conservationists -Philippines members at the actual book launching with Mr. Jim Cootes signing the book.
A big crowd turned up, looking fairly cheerful all books are sold out! congrats!
I got to catch up with lots of old friends and also made new ones. There were
platters of food and fruit for guests.
cupcakes prepared by Ms. Rowena Aben Daquioag

The book looks just as splendid as I'd hoped it would. If you know an orchid
enthusiast who would love this book, please share this with them.
it is published by a publishing house based in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. It is among
the leading English language and natural history publishers in Malaysia and the entire
Southeast Asian region. and is printed in Taiwan.
in this book Mr. Jim Cootes  presents detailed information with illustration on the
species that had been recorded here in our land. its as up to date as posssible
as of this year, as more species are continually being found as years gone by.
species are arranged with detailed illustration , description, including Altitude,
Habitat, and Distribution,  from A....Y.
the  last few pages talks about Allied Genera the Cadetia species, the the Diplocaulobium
species, the Epigeneium genus (Katherines) and the Flickingeria species. also with
detailed description and illustration. you can see the video here.

it is a 142 pages. softbound book about Orchids of the Philippines the front
cover is a picture of Dendrobium  goldschmidtianum and the backcover is a
picture of a Dendrobium hybrid that blooms in the summer.(Dendrobium x usitae)
the book is rated 4 stars out of 5. because its not hard bound and I would like it to
include the selling price of each species on the market. also a few pages on propagation.

here is a small video of how the book looks like.
credits to Neil Maceda for this picture
Mr. Jim Cootes (will be turning 65), the author of the book talks about the story on how
he came to love and study orchids in the Philippines since 1977. here is a portion of his

at the book launching and signing

here is the speech(introduction) of Mr. Jim Cootes.

looking  forward to these opportunities to meet prospective authors, as well as book
buyers and collectors, librarians, book sellers and bibliophiles, during these occasions.

This is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing off. see you boys and girls at the
2015 Flora Filipina next week.

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