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Thursday, February 19, 2015

RAMADA MANILA CENTRAL: my Chinese new yr experience

want to see this live in action? click here

Chinese New year is celebrated on the first day of the First Moon of the lunar calendar.
The corresponding date in the solar calendar varies from as early as JANUARY 21st --> to
as late as February 19th.

It was a time for family reunions, and for visiting friends and relatives. This holiday, more
than any other Chinese holiday, stressed the importance of family ties. its best to be
experience in the heart of the busiest Chinese  community in the heart of Manila
-downtown Binondo. when we speak of Binondo, we have Chinatown, Gandara-Ongpin,
and now,  its different, because now, we have a new attraction.

We now have RAMADA HOTEL or RAMADA MANILA CENTRAL, an international
standard hotel in the heart of the historic Chinese community -Binondo.

The Chinese New year’s Eve dinner gathering was among the most important family
occasions of the year. and it will be complete with a dinner at RAMADA HOTEL or

And for us Chinese, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebrations were strickly
family affairs. All members of the family would gather for the important family meal
on the evening of the New year’s Eve, so I know the best way is to dine at this
 a complete new years day experience.

Part of the Chinese new year celebration here in Chinatown is to attend one of the sought
after tours of Lawrence Chan called
"WALK with CHAN : Special Chinese new year food trip tour" where in most of the
participants is either a blogger or a photographer. One must experience an educational
tour of  Lawrence for a unique Chinese new year experience. its a whole day Chinese
culture tour and food trip package all for less than 2,000.00

Today we celebrated Chinese new year at Hotel Ramada. just a stone throw away from
the several hundred year old Church in the oldest Chinatown in the world where cultures
of pinoy and tsinoy meet. the hotel is named RAMADA MANILA CENTRAL.
a view atop RAMADA MANILA CENTRAL , located in Ongpin cor.Quintin Paredes Sts 
of  all the big hotels in downtown Manila, RAMADA MANILA CENTRAL. tops my list.

One of the biggest attraction aside from the fast wifi is the magnificent view from the top.
it is Binondo'ss first international hotel. of all the places, my favorite is the Luna bar of
RAMADA MANILA CENTRAL, located at the roofdeck where you could see
downtown Binondo.
ti view this live, click this link

to view what the Luna bar looks like here is the link.
if you go outside the Luna bar, at the top floor of RAMADA MANILA CENTRAL, this
is what greets you.

and it so happens that today is Chinese new yr, so  I tried the now famous

EMPEROR'S BUFFET at 600 per person and got the chance to try all the foods
for the deserts I rate them 9/10, the food is 7.5 /10 and the service is 9/10

aside from the Luna bar, you can also visit  the News Cafe for a great breakfast
experience called Ramada Mornings.

the hotel is a must visit to experience the new yr's countdown. but sad to say I
need  to stay at home  and spend the new yr with my family, as a Chinese.
I didnt have a chance to visit each floors because I don't have a card. you cannot
operate the elevator's floor when you don't have the card with you.
so? maybe next time, when I get invited for an overnight's stay. so that I can
describe the rooms. I got a peek at the parking area and its a 14 slot parking
space first come first served.

I was told by a pretty lady that the room rate starts at 3,600 and their landline
was 588-6688. too bad I didnt get her celphone.
so, thats all, I didnt stay overnight so I didnt record any new yr countdown
activities unlike my other friends who got lucky to experience a great night's stay.
so what I did , I recorded  Caloocan City's version of the new yr countdown.
just click on this link or copy paste this:

News Café
Mezzanine floor - Ramada Manila Central
Ongpin Cor Quintin Paredes Sts
Manila 1006, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 623 7144

This is your LOVERBOY   Dennis  signing out. KONG HEI FA CHAI!

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