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Saturday, February 7, 2015

1st QC Autoshow 2015

The sun is shining, I’ve already been sun burnt yesterday morning, by the end of this
month summer is officially underway. You know what that means… It’s time for
carshows and more carshows and of course, car show models, car babes.

yeah! When I say “car show”, you say "models". repeat.

There is so much to enjoy at the 2015 -1st QC Auto Show in qc city hall parking,
Qc circle.The cars, the technology and, of course, those good looking models who
 peak our interest almost as much as some of the mechanical marvels on display.

at Sundown, we went to the carshow.

me, together with my staffs (keren and eunice) went straight QC circle and
looked for a good parking space, then used the underpass across to the city hall
parking grounds for this year's carshow. my second time to attend.(the first one was
with my friend Joyce)

I call it street fashion , Flashy colors. Sharp curves. Exotic materials. carshow babes.

No auto show anywhere in the world is really complete without them in attendance.
Behind the perfectly coiffed hair and great clothes is a nice friendly lady who knows
how to project the perfect image and to help sell a new product, car accesory, or car
related service.

however unlike carshows from other countries, we lack one thing.I call ..........
“product specialists” they are more than just pretty faces. the models of this area not
only look good, but they are able to competently explain features, facts and answer
questionsabout the cars on display.

3 key elements of a successful product specialist are brains, people skills and looks.
Without all three, a model applicant can’t make it. Preparation begins early before the
show, and continues throughout auto show season. If there is a product update in a vehicle,
the product specialists have to know all about it.

before things like the iPhone, Facebook & Instagram there only exist one official carshow
in the Philippines, the TRANSPORTSHOW, I learned about it during my early young(er)
days of around 1992. I was admiring my uncles 6G galant and accord back then.

Most models at these car shows enjoyed the attention and the flocks of men wanting to
take their pictures.  the model's worth is not  based only on their physical appearance
and that allowing men to objectify them for their gain was something they had control

models have the gifted ability to sell products and can project to look skinny
and hot and be someone men can aspire to. To know that their worth isn’t just how
they look, but that the beauty they can bring to this world is with their minds, hearts
and actions. no carshow is complete without models, photographers and cars.
its a shared limelight.

my staff was lucky[??!] to have shared instant photographers's attention when asked to
model in one of the entries parking space. sad to say, they didnt get any TF after hours
of posing.

Today, what is new to the objectification of women is the prevalent use of Photoshop
and technology to slim and “beautify” the image of women or celebrities in general in
media and advertisement. This type of beauty becomes an impossible image to aspire
too. It is yet another struggle young girls and women face as they grow up in this world.
To not only be “beautiful” but to also be perfect. I want to instill in all little girls that
beauty begins from within. I took pictures of the pretty models with my staff, as we go
along the show, I didn’t manage to get all the model's I apologize for that.

One of the reason why I went to while in the show is to show support for my
friends at HCCP. our club bagged the most  number of awards in the show.

CONGRATS President Joel.

by the way, I want to congratulate my friend at
HONDA CITY CAR CLUB of the PHILIPPINES with the efforts of our President
Joel Quinto and participants OM members who always win in car shows.

CONGRATS TO my friends:
Best SubCompact (Champion) - Jonathan Macalinao Ho
Best Custom BodyKit (Champion) - Joel Quinto
Best Audio Display (Champion) - Jay Mclaire Vergonia
Best BodyKits Overall (Champion) - Joel Quinto
Best of Show (Tuner) - Jay Vergonia
Best Car Club - Quantity (Champion) - HCCP
Best Daily Driven (2nd) - Michael Matias
Best Daily Driven (Champion) - Ramon Laroco
Best Air Suspension (2nd) - Bokie Mugen
Best Matte Paint (Champion) - Paul Asido
Best VIP Setup (2nd) - Binoy Zapanta
Best ICE Setup (2nd) - Binoy Zapanta
Best Millenium Sedan (3rd) - Marion Tejuco
Best Detailed (2nd) - Raoul Franco Ramos
Best SubCompact (3rd) - Elwyn Hccp

CONGRATS to all of you.

being a vintage car lover and history fanatic, of all the displays, this is my choice.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out. till the next carshow.
feb. 8, 2015


  1. Your friends look like models too. hehe

  2. I love that hello kitty designs! The disco ball's just amazing

  3. yvon:, she loved to be a model someday, she just needs a good photog, catherdiaries: love that kitty design so chick yet so unique, thats why its featured.

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