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Sunday, June 19, 2016

my Grimnight autoshow experience

with model friends, Carlene, Althea , Lea and Donna
After a long break from actively blogging, it's a week and I've recharged my 
self and am ready to pick up where I've left off in this series of blog post
regarding whats happening with my life.

I got into a car accident with my cefiro's front end damaged by a delivery truck
last 2 weeks and I cannot attend to the repairs because of our event last
toycon with my model friends. I told myself, if the repairs did not go as 
scheduled I will just take a 2 day vacation in Baguio. but luck came and
the repairs to my cefiro were completed on thursday, with just one day 
preparation for the weekend carshow.


Its officially the start of the rainy season, and maybe the end of the hot summer 
nights of joining and watching car shows for me.because next month will be
all rainfall and evening thunderstorm and we all know that the success of an 
outdoor motor shows depends on the weather.

Thats why I decided to join the Allandry and TJ's  Grimnight auto show last
June 18, 2016 at QC memorial circle. (as entry no. 44)
I know my car is a simple family sedan, with no aftermarket parts installed
nothing special, no "Junction Produce" VIP setup, no Airsuspension nothing
much installed. I know I will not take home any price. but as  my 43rd birthday 
approaches, I decided to just give myself and my cefiro an advance birthday 
present, my Nissan's last bow.  because this maybe my last time to join 
a carshow for this month so I decided to make it a big event for myself. by 
inviting 6 friends to endorse my blog-LOVERBOYZ AVENUE.

Tantin Meneses for LOVERBOYZ AVENUE. 
Reiner Bangayan photography

Model friends, (like Tantin) whom I featured in my blogpost "A day in the
life of a carshow model" theyre (Tantin Meneses), (Lea Bernabe), 
(Donna Brazos) we missed (Ayah Maglinte) because of her schedule though :(
so I have a total of 6 models including Carlene, Mariko, and M magazine's 

Geared as the premier motoring event of the North, the Grimnight Autoshow
is the second installment of the popular F1 carshow series of Allandry and 
TJ Flake. since it was held on a place near where I live, I decided to join
hopefully not for the last time. (as the rainy days are coming).
Now its time to meet the models who shattered the event with an awesome
show of beauty, class, finesse. and here the are.

After joining my first carshow the F1 autoshow just last month, I
have developed a more thought-out game plan this time, by not
featuring my car, and concentrating with my blog title instead.
with the famous cosplayer mechanic Erza Tantin Meneses

to give you an idea how popular she is my entry had no lights ON, no sound setup, 
engine turned off no tarps, nothing special. only Erza. and the photogs loved her.

I got so lucky that day my friends all agreed to pose and endorse my product
the famous cosplay mechanic whose success story I first blogged is also
present for the event , whose presence delighted every one at the show.
photographers, fanboys, guys and girls of different ages.

Below are models: sexy M magazine model Althea and the lovely ever so 
pretty  Lea who made the photographers line up taking her pictures.

Also in the event, is M Magazine's Althea whom I first met, a friendly girl
whose life story  I want to write one day.(photo credits, Zandro and Jayjay)

Lea had her fans  all lining up to take selfies with her and famous photographers
like Jayjay, Arthur, Zandro and Kel Galang taking pictures as she poses in front 
of the camera.
photo credits Zan
This year, her biggest yet, she became the face of many cover albums
of famous photographers and has been invited to pose for M magazine
and I know one day, she will grace the cover of many magazines

You know these model friends have shared their stories, dreams and aspirations 
with me and to be able to get them closer to making those dreams a reality inspired 
me to take write about more models (the new model friends) and their stories.

Also at the event is one of my friend 5'6 tall Carlene whom I know will
make it big and will rise and fullfill her dream as a carshow model.
Being able to help her (and her friends Janelle and Athena)  pursue their goals
for the  modeling industry over the next few weeks has been one of the most 
rewarding  experiences of my life. 

below are pics of my model friends, Mariko and motorcycle rider
Rai who are soon to be featured in my models lifestory  blog

with models Rai and Mariko 

with model friends, Carlene, Althea , Lea and Donna
photo by: Zandro Tenerife

Whatever the reason, it's hard not to notice sexy model Donna Brazos
But more important than her posing, arguably, is Brazo's outspoken support
for body beautiful. she is just one of the gorgeous models reminding photog ,
fans and car owners that people like her exist and are beautiful.

with model friends Althea, Lea, Donna, and Carlene
models Althea and Lea photo credits Zandro
with Lea and Althea photo credits Zandro

Part of the fun of this Auto Show is imagining yourself living a good lifestyle.
Even if you’ve already owned of the the beautiful cars sitting in the parking life
the Show gives you a chance to dream of owning it all. Here you stroll among
more than  30 beautiful cars that are usually worth 4 times more than the cost
when they are bought stock. I forgot to take pictures and videos of all the cars

Here are more pictures of  the carshow. this is Tantin posing for her fans
with my cefiro. (photo credits Aya Ran Fujimaya)

photo credits Aya Ran Fujimaya 

And so we were thankful for a day of nice weather to cruise with the
windows down.  as I  gave Donna, Carlene , Geng and her bf  a
ride home. having a car is being able to enjoy and to bond with
your "partner" on the road.

and the picture below by my friend Tantin really proves the meaning
of the car-driver bond.

Cars aren’t just for getting from Point A to Point B, after all...
and here are some more pictures with  Lea , Thea and Tantin

and this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.ONE LOVE.

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