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Monday, June 13, 2016

my toycon 2016 experience

I know this year's TOYCON 2016 will be very very different from the
previous years. it would be a different experience,  because its held
in a new venue a much bigger venue. this time, at SMX Convention Ctr.
travel time from our place was almost doubled with the traffic and the
independence day celebration. it takes an extra effort to be there on
with Models: Ayah , Lea credits to  jayjay alabastro

with models Ayah and Lea credits to  jayjay alabastro
model: Chintine Cruz

model: Kaye Marie
with models: Carlene and Donna

The event this year is different, because for the first time
our booth RETRO TOYS got ourselves booth models for the entire
3 day event. 2 models for each day, much to the delight of the visitors.
models video
my 3 models: Ayah, Lea, Donna credits to  jayjay alabastro

the highlight of the 3 day show was the 21 feet VOLTES 5
and the 10 feet cute version of Voltes V. a lot where disappointed
though when the big statue was not yet assembled after day 1.
theres also a pressconference which I missed out. my friend Rence
attended. you can visit his blog for a detailed story at COLLECTORS

there is also a separate toy galley  where diehard collectors enter
their collection for the "TOY SHOW" , there were lots of
cosplayers celebrities whom you wont recognize because of their

costumes.  oh, there was no toy auction. this blog will be shorter
than usual because I will just share the videos I took to give you
an idea of the show.

during the POPLIFE FANXperience, my models Ayah and Lea
were lucky to have been granted passes inside and got the chance
to interview their idol. here is the video

Another one is Stan Lee's Excelsior exhibit, Excelsior  meaning
superb. it showcases his creation of Marvel through the years
featuring vintage comic covers, his movie props,  memorabilias,
artwork and  collectibles.

here are some of the pics I took :

vintage toy exhibit

 VOLTES V at toy Gallery





The cosplay competition was better than last year I have watched a
portion of  it around 20 mins and almost everyone performed well
my favorites are king gojulas, lara croft, warmachine.

the smart choice winner is warmachine  and got home with a
VoltesV gift set. the grand champions were spiderman and
lara croft.
my blog ends here, next event will be Asiapop Comicon.

ONE LOVE, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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