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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

LAKAD PAMANA: A tour with a model

We assembled at a fast food chain in Mindanao Avenue,  where we
also waited for our lone guest during this trip, carshow model
Donna Brazos.

this is the first time LAKAD PAMANA ever had a carshow model
as a tour participant, so its a special treat for the boys out there
joining this tour.(credits to sir Roy Santiago for the shots)

This is my 4th time to go to Norzagaray the last one with my bff
so upon seing her, we all know that this will be a much exciting  trip
we travelled with another van, so there were 2 vans , and
roughly a 2 hours of travel from where we assembled up to our first
stop the historic Pinagrealan Cave.

It is documented that Pinagrealan Cave served as a camp for Katipunero
Revolutionaries in 1896, and was President Aguinaldo's hideout during the
Fil-American war of 1898. and during liberation by the American forces,
the Japs utilized it as their sanctuary.

Its not my first time to enter this particular cave. but I know from our last trip
how deep the waters were, and for fear of my imaginary spider friends, I
decided not to go in and just had some picture taking with  Donna.

oh, we had late breakfast there of fish, rice and egg.

Of all the caves in Norzagaray, Pinagrealan is the shortest course and
the easiest without the muddy waters. As a matter fact, the cave only
requires you to walk up straight most of the time while inside it. on a dry
season even kids and seniors can do it, again, when the cave is dry.

but last sunday the water level is almost up to the neckline. and you wont
be happy if you get in trouble and slip. since Donna left her extra clothes,
 I adviced her not to get in. we decided to have some coffee and picture
taking with friends Ibarra and Roy

Our next stop was the village uphill called the punduhan ng mga dumagat
we had lunch there and my friend Donna enjoyed trying out the muddy cave

of monte cristo, she did not finish it because its all slipery because of the rainy
season. after 2 hours of intereacting and photo ops with the dumagat, we
decided  its time to go to Angat Dam viewdeck.

Its my 4th time to be there, and as expected Donna went crazy over the view
since its her first time to go to an eco-tour. and the fact that we were able to
see the actual reservoir of water that we consume back home in Manila, was
awesome for her!

Its about to rain so we all decided not to proceed with the tariktik trail
because it may be hard to get lost in the muddy forest with a thunderstorm

This weekend trip did not only give enjoyment to us, but the chance to
mingle with the people of Hilltop,  Norzagaray the dumagats,  After all, we as
dBarkadz, travel not only because of our desire to reach places,  not common
for the average traveller, but also to know more about its culture and people.
its only this time that its more exciting with a car show model as our travel buddy.

we had our early dinner at KANGAY, the restaurant of my friend
from the FEROZA PH group, Irvin. and we are all very happy with the
great food served. and the icecream!! yumyum!

the next time you plan to travel, why not look for LAKAD PAMANA and
their itineraries you will be surprised of how beautiful places actually exists
they find interesting places  just a couple of hours away from Manila. You will
be surprised that such places exist.

This concluded my Norzagaray trip. I think this may be the last for this year
since it will officially be the rainy season a few weeks after this.
I wont be attending any heritage tours this weekend.

Next tour will be in San Miguel Bulacan this June 12, actually there are lots of
activities lined up for this sunday. but I cannot commit since I will be at
SMX attending and covering TOYCON at the  booth #111

RETROTOY COLLECTION and yes, with my friend Donna the carshow
model, along with her lovely car show model friends, Ayah and Lea.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis  singing out. see you at TOYCON!

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