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Monday, May 16, 2016

A day in the life of : Ayah Maglinte

There is more to the modeling world than the media lets on.
Starting this month I will feature in my blog unique success
stories that gives inspiration to people. A blog that is
dedicated to the aspiring and already established car show models
who live to defy the standards and stereotypes in order to make a place
for themselves in this crazy industry.

pic by:Mister D photography
Some have shared their stories, dreams and aspirations with me and to be
able to get them closer to making those dreams a reality inspired me to
write their stories, like what I'm doing right now.
pic by: JP DelaPaz
I believe we all should pursue our dreams--even if they end up not being
the right fit. these series of stories from models will provide new, aspiring and
established models words of wisdom, helpful tips, resources, advice, information
into the car show babe, modeling world that not many people care to take the
time to share.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past weeks, you will be fully aware
that my friend here is very active in the car show industry as a product endorser.
Today, LOVERBOYZ AVENUE feature another inspiring story of a product
endorser. I introuce to you boys, Miss Ayah, and this is her story......

Met 22 year old Miss Ayah , Black Ninja, product endorser,
Gma / Abscbn Talent / Commercial model/ Ramp FashionShow /model.
She is a simple girl at home, with  a big ambition in life to help her Family &
Fullfill all her Dreams & promises for her late father and Grandmother.

Her complete name is  Ghermalyn Ayah  Lucion Maglinte, a graduate of
Aya is 3rd from left
ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE, where she is also a product endorser, she
finished her degree in Tourism management and shall one day open up her unique
travel and tours group.
Aya after graduating Tourism


Aside from modeling for ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE, she worked
for ZestAir Asia and is also a proud endorser of 1BRO PRODUCT like
GLUTHAMIX & CLEANZE PRODUCTS. her inspiration for 
success was her late father.

She lost her father at a young age, but her condition certainly did not stop
her from building a successful career in modeling.

she was raised by her lolo and tito, they taught her well, she is a fighter, 
a goal setter and an achiever even early  in her life. 

She is the eldest in the family, has 4 sibblings, guys, you should meet her
18 yr old little sister! Aya is very responsible, she is the also the bread winner in

the family after her dad passed away. she pays for her younger sister's education.
she has 2 other cute sibblings( grade 1 and kinder)

her simple dream?
to  bring back the life they once enjoyed, to give the best to her sibblings.
a new house, living in a quiet environment close to nature.

her goals in life?
to be a successful model-entrepreneur, a respected product endorser, and
to make it big in the car show  industry.

and her Reason to work hard?

her earnings paid off, and she gave her mother her own business at the public
market just near her place.

we are all proud of Miss Aya's achievement if you guys have entries in our future
carshow events, Please allow Miss Aya to endorse your product.
I am sure she will be one successful businesswoman in time.

Here are some of her pics:

by the way, Ayah has her own IG, twitter and account that you can follow
and get to know her more. oh, pls. no hokage moves, this girl is taken.

Ig :therealayahmaglinte
Twitter: therealayahmaglinte
Migme: therealayahmaglinte

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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