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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A day in the life of: Donna Brazos, car show model

In the car show modelling industry, the sexual objectification of women
is not a new phenomenon.

I realized very quickly that using a female form to help promote a simple stock
looking car really works wonders. as proven in the last car show where I
was not a spectator and I tried joining for the first time.(F1 Autoshow)

Most models at these car shows enjoyed the attention and the flocks of people
wanting to take their pictures.

Are all models beautiful?
Not at all. Watch TV or see other media and you'll notice that there are many
types of models... some are beautiful high fashion, others are exotic while others
are people-next-door types. this girl is different...........

Meet 20 year old Donna Brazos, a resident of Commonwealth QC,
she hails from a family of real estate agents, graduated Hotel and Restaurant
Services from STI, and  works as a Mansion88 Casino dealer, she is a simple
girl with big dreams,  she wants to become an entrepreneur one day because
she knows that being a product endorser only last for less than 7 yrs, now, and
so she is  planning her future as early as now.

as a well known BLACK NINJA, she is almost at the peak of her career and
can do her job pretty well in terms of endorsing whatever product her client
A simple lady with a big heart, she likes to help people. and beneath that
look, lies a girl who is humble, practically hard working and fun to be with
in short, a true friend.

Today, what is new to the objectification of women is the prevalent use of
photo editing software like Photoshop and technology to slim and “beautify” the
image of women  in media and advertisement. This type of beauty becomes an
impossible image to aspire too. It is yet another struggle young girls and models
face as they grow up in this world. To not only be perfectly pretty but to also be
photo and magazine perfect. I want to instill in all little girls that beauty begins from

Honestly. Can I be honest?
Almost every person at one time dreams of being a model, but the truth is that most
people do not have what it takes. the most important thing you can do for yourself,
is to be honest and realistic about your qualifications. If you do not fit the requirements,
you will not make it as a model. Period.

this girl is the first one to pose in front of my Cefiro, along with 3 of my other friends
so they will always be remembered for years to come.

Keep in mind that there are different modeling categories with uhmm lots of
different requirements, so if you may not be able to work in one, you may be
right for another. So your first step is to establish what category you fit into.

Because of the huge amounts of money that are at stake, the criteria has become
strict, making the carshow product endorsement industry even more competitive.
A female endorser should be of legal age, 18 to 25 years old with a minimum height
of 5'5 and a weight of about 115 lbs. Attractive, seductive, looks are essential,
very very important, this is not lovelife, this is product
Only about one in 20 people trying will ever make it in this category.

Okay, so now you realize how competitive the modeling industry is and hopefully you
have found a category you will fit into.

Some of her helpful tips:

Be prepared! Practice your walk, poses, and faces in the mirror before you go.
Do your homework! Know something about the agency or client and be aware of scams. Not 
everything out there is legit!
Your make-up should be minimal to show off your natural beauty.
ALWAYS bring a pair of heels in case they ask you to walk.
No nail polish: Simple clear, nude, or sheer!
Pull your hair back so that they can see your face and bone structure.
Never be late!
Have good posture: Stand up straight, shoulders back.
Be honest! It's okay to tell them if you don't have a lot of experience. Wow them with your 
natural ability

Her last piece of advice : is to always have a 'back up' plan and another way to
earn a living.

The modeling industry is a very diverse industry... what is in today, can
be out tomorrow. Just because you were turned down today doesn't necessarily
mean you do not have a shot (another chance)  if you are being realistic...
If modeling is a dream you cannot live without, pursue it! It may take lots of time,
energy and patience to make it. and If you are not qualified, find an alternative
passion. Whatever happens you should be prepared to make educated
choices about your involvement in the modeling industry.

thats all for now. see her next month at SMX as she goes to
TOY CONVENTION For the first time. and on June 18,  2016
at the Grim Night autoshow at QC Circle.

boys and girls, if you guys want to ask a beautiful friendly model to endorse
your product? then contact her. Donna Brazos
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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