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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

F1 Explicit carshow: my first carshow entry experience

I’ve always been curious what its like to be part of a car show event.
I used to love going to auto shows since 1997 to see all the latest in car
tuning, car performance and  modification trends.

These shows, brought the excitement of what the future may bring. I have been
inactive the past few years, It’s been a long time since I’ve been to one, and
this time I went with some friends who wanted to be a model someday.

last May 21st, F1 Autoshow  held a big event at the QC circle Liwasang
Quezon  grounds,  I attended BLOGAPALOOZA (at Centris) that morning while
everybody is busy with ingress, the show starts at 530pm

after attending the Blog meeting, I went back to my friend (Carlene) at 2pm, & met
2 more of her friends, (Athena, Janelle) then we were talking about car show
modelling, and their dream to one day be a car show model.
I received a message from another model friend and I finally made the decision
to try out my first attempt this time not as a spectator, but a participant and told
myself, I don't want to win, I just want to help my friends fullfill their dream.

and so it happened...

here are my models
Donna Brazos (credits: Alex Mateo)



and I joined....(to represent CEFIRO CLUB NORTH)
photo credits : Alex Mateo

Photo Credits Alex Mateo

I love UCCP and their aim, of uniting every car club even outside NCR, the way
they help people, and promote friendships regardless of car make, whether
its stock or modified, I admire how the founders just wanted a club where nobody
was an asshole and everybody was into cars and it doesn't matter what you drive
this is UCCP.

here are some of the pictures at the car show event.

there are lots of prizes that are given away from the sponsors
photo by: F1 Explicit
picture from F1 EXPLICIT

The competition at car shows is as fierce as any professional sport out there.
Everyone wants to win , and the show gives its visitor some of the most stunning
modified vehicles we have ever seen... and in case, your entry  didnt make it as
champion, there will always be another show most likely less than a week later.

The most important thing to remember above all of this, for first timers, is that
you are a guest of the show’s host. What you do while at the venue ultimately will
end up as a  reflection on the coordinators, organizers, so better behave. even if you
have supercars for entry, be as humble as you can be, and make lots of friends.
making sure your hosts want to invite you back

If you didn’t take home a top prize, seek out one of the judges after the event,
and ask what you could do to improve.

oh by the way, thanks for these... the models did it!

and met some friends along the way.

Ayah Maglinte
Almarie Limbre

You know it’s amazing to be able to see the evolution of car shows, and it’s
constant innovation. It’s happening faster than ever! a successful event! guess what?
it’s incredible being a part of it all! being so memorable because of F1 EXPLICIT
CARSHOW thanks to the big boss of F1 Explicit, boss Allandry Tan, and
LUMNTRIX production, TJ Flake. who made it happen.

Watch out for their next event the Grim Night auto show, also at QC Circle
June 18, 2016. reserve your slots now! 1500 for cars and 1000 for motorcycles.

photo credits: Alex Mateo
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out

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