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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mapping Manila, Mapping Quiapo

Last Saturday May 7, 2016, I decided to join my friends, through a post
shared by JR Patao that says, "map the Philippines mapping party from
9am to 5pm" I got interested in the walk because its been a long time since
I last visited Quiapo and its more than a hundred yr old I signed in...

the meeting place was at Basilica Menor de San Sebastian or much popularly
known to residents as San Sebastian church. we were given a short briefing

and lecture by maam Celina Agaton and Tina Paterno, this is my second time
to visit San Sebastian, a similar tour can be found here.
I have manage to take a video and will share this here.

after the brief  talk by maam Tina Paterno , our heritage walk started with 2
separate tour guides, and divided into 2 groups students and non students,
we started our walk around the historic district of Quiapo.

It will highlight local heritage sites in need of preservation such as Calle Hidalgo
lined with 300-year- old homes; Bahay Nakpil-Bautista, the home of heroes built in
1914 by Arcadio Arellano.

Manila joins 150 cities worldwide in the annual Jane’s Walk Festival, inspired by
urbanist Jane Jacobs, whose works championed a fresh, community-based
approach to city building. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Jane’s Walks
and what would have been Jane Jacobs’ 100th birthday.

Here are the pictures of  houses around Quiapo:

We dropped by Bahay Nakpil Bautista and we were all lucky enough to
be toured by  Maria Santos-Viola

Bahay Nakpil-Bautista was once owned by Dr. Ariston Bautista, one of the
propagandists along with national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, and Marcelo Del Pilar.
Together with Bautista are Petrona Nakpil-Bautista and her brothers, Julio and
Ramon. The house was built in 1914 and designed by architect Arcadio Arellano,
considered as a pioneer during his time.
here is a video of the tour.

and also a tour inside Bahay Nakpil here is the video

after Bahay Nakpil-Bautista we went straight to Casa Consulado  while the other
group of  students went ahead to FEU Institute of Technology for the mapping

Here are pictures taken from Casa Consulado:

This project is only made possible through the efforts of our heritage lover
friends like Celina Agaton, Julia Nebrija, Tina Paterno and JANE'S WALK,
FEU Institute of Technology, FEU Manila and  Map the Philippines, and the
beautiful lovely, pretty tourism students of FEU.

I missed the FEU tour also going up the 17 floors to view the Manila skyline..
I went back to Caloocan to catch up for another event, which is the
Summer Beats car and motorcycle show at SM Novaliches.
my blog ends here, I was so lucky that day not to be stuck in the monstrous
traffic around Manila and QC because of the miting de avance.

tomorow will be the election, go out and vote. this is not your lovelife
its your country. your kid's future. please. vote what you think will be
of service to the people for another 6 years. bcoz Change starts with you.
not with your candidate.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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