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Monday, May 30, 2016

LAKAD PAMANA: a whole day fun in garay

What other way to relax and enjoy the last weekend of those hot summer nights than 
to be with the company of friends from Lakad Pamana, actually this is my third time
to be here, but its my first time to spend the night at Adventure resort.
and its the first time I went into a pool after a very long time, the last one was 2007 at
Tagaytay with my past girlfriend.

we arrived at around 830pm and had late dinner, of pancit, cryspy pata and chicken
Sorry I did not take any pictures because I am hungry haha! finished our dinnner 
before 930pm and my bff  invited me to join them for night swimming.

I had night swimming with friends, nahhh I didnt know how to swim and was too
afraid of the waters haha. did not bring my camera that night so I dont have a 
good shot of the activity.the picture above is from maam Ofie Palma
night shot photo by Allan Martinez

After 130am we decided to call it a night. and hit the sack. only a few lucky ones
did manage to sleep though haha. Airconditioned rooms with TV are affordable, 
2000 for 6 travelers 900 for lovers, and 500 for loners.  No hot water  and 
lovers tub though. uhmm.. travellers often sleep for less than 4 hours anyways.

I woke up at 530am and had a morning stroll alone, which leads to this....

and so the group started the day with some climbing exercise up here. little did
they know that its is the start  of a long tiring day tour, guaranteed to give them
body and muscle pains the next day hehe.

picture by Tubby Paule

and a postcard sir Allan Martinez

After this we checked out at adventure Resort and proceeded to our next destination
with no early breakfast haha! the church of Sta Monica, and the Flor De Liza house.

at the resort, I met a young traveller friend, Rovin, 14 yrs old traveller, UCCP member, 
car nut. at a young age he has travelled far using his trusty mitsubishi adventure and 
nissan urvan I have talked to him and he knows a lot about life, about cars, about life. 
this is because of his many travels and experiences, this dude will grow up a fine young man. 

Casa Flordeliza was constructed in 1888 by “Cabezang Imong” Maximo Villarama 
Fernandez and his wife "Ima Idang" , a religious woman, Adelaida Mendoza Fernandez. 
The ancestral house is located in Brgy. Marungko, Angat, Bulacan.
Outside there are lots of plants found in their tropical fruits garden with flowering flora.

The sala has red Narra, surrounded by Capiz windows, ivory piano , antique 
furniture, grandfather’s clock,  chandelier, 3- 4ft statues called  handed down 
from generation to generation.

image by: Roy Vincent Santiago

Maximo Fernandez ”Meng” Santos, the fourth generation of the clan with his wife, 
Dra.Queenie Santos, DMD, inherited the ancestral house.After the groupie shot with the 
owner, courtesy of our friend Sergio, we decided to proceed with our trip and look 
for anything to eat.
"GATAS NG KALABAW " for 25.00 photo by Allan Martinez

so we were all hungry we dropped by the roadside for some Kesong Puti
and milk for breakfast. cost around 30.00 be sure you dont have a condition called
lactose intolerance.

At last we had late breakfast-lunch at KANGAY , a restaurant opened by a friend 
and fellow offroader from FEROZA CLUB.

Veteran offroader friend Irvin Hayes Santiago from FEROZA F.O.R.C.E. 
Philippines,  opens this pretty nice place for tourist visiting in Norzagaray. we 
had breakfast there. they serve icecreams, coffee and a good meal before your 
day trip travel begins.

so our adventure continues at our next stop: PINAGREALAN CAVE.

so we walk this way and we saw the cave entrance, its my 3rd time to be  here
knowing there are past thunderstorms a few days ago, I know  going in will be
such a mess. and  I cannot imagine how deep the water levels are inside, and I
dont want to see myself get into trouble in one of those slippery when wet rocks
at chin level waters!
photo by fellow lifestyle blogger Rence Chan
This Pinagrealan cave is just one of the many must visit caves nowadays. Its proximity 
from Manila makes it near for most.The people tending the place are really kind people 
who will just get something even without asking. They are the ones guarding the said 
cave for the purpose of preserving our history 

for first timers and if you love the cold breeze experience and the feeling of
cold waters, this is a must try.

The helmets and the waterproof LED flashlights really made the adventure safer too.
it cost only 100.00 which includes the helmet as part of the gear, also an experienced 
guide is around to tour everyone when you decide to explore the cave.  
bring extra clothes, as water is chin deep specially in the rainy season. the last time we 
went there, the water is only waist deep. 

It is also important to waterproof all your gadgets to avoid damage. First
timers will definitely enjoy the cool waters inside, specially the crystal and rock 
formations and the cool  breeze, during the spanish time this is their "clock" as they 
use this to know day and night time, the cold breeze serves as their A/C during the 
day, and warm air during the night.  the small amount of 100.00 is really worth it. 

All in all, our Pinagrealan caving adventure is fantastic. and its a good thing no one 
got hurt. because the waters are chin-level, and  its not a good thing to slip, because
you wont like it when you do. oh by the way, I did not get inside the cave. yes, am
afraid of spiders, and I do not want to see one! convince me! (like when I am with
a pretty lady) and I will get inside with or without spiders!

Then we proceeded further uphill to the Punduhan ng mga Dumagat
to have our late late lunch

this is an advocacy tour, so here at the  Punduhan ng mga Dumagat, 
we donated used clothes, books, and go there to interact, have late lunch,  

bonding with our dumagat  friends, and another set of tiring activities, 
spelunking in the caves of monte kristo.
picture by: Ofie Palma

And here they are, the  Dumagats, who originated from the Aetas in Northern Luzon. 
Their ancestral origin is traced from Negrito's,  the earliest habitants of the Philippines. 
They are found in the hillsides and mountains of Bulacan, Rizal and other parts 
like Laguna and Quezon.
The term "Dumagat" is thought to be derived from the word "rumakat", 
"lumakat" or  "lumakad" meaning migration of the Negritos  by walking 
in land and not by the sea.

and we had our late lunch.

after their short performance and song number. we headed to the viewdeck for some 
jumpshot moments on camera. then after a few minutes, its time for mirienda and early
dinner.  photo courtesy of Ofie Palma.

this is our last stop. early dinner at Tito Renz. live band, buffet good food at only 
200.00,no leftovers or pay 500.00 pictures courtesy of Ofie Palma

and this concludes my version of HULING HIRIT SA TAG INIT.
till our next travel...
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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