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Monday, July 4, 2016

LAKAD PAMANA: things to do in Garay

This is my 6th time to join LAKAD PAMANA's Norzagaray trail. yeah
yeah, I never grow tired of joining this for the 6th time with almost the
same itenerary but I enjoyed every tour because I am meeting new friends
along the way, and I was promised a slightly different schedule for today.
An additional two  destinations the tariktik trail and the enchanted farm all
in the area of Norzagaray-Angat.carshow model Donna cannot make it
today because she is not feeling well, we decided to just continue the tour
without her.

photographer:       Allan Pardilla Martinez

Our first stop is the Sta. Monica Parish Church where a mass is ongoing,
you should have take a look at the ceiling of the church. it displays a
marvelous Baroque architecture and its interior replicated the famous
Sistine Chapel. a 400 yr old catholic church, and one of the oldest churches
of the province, its still considered as one of the most beautiful churches
in the Philippines. while waiting , I had early breakfast in one of the fast
food chains near the church, got myself some cactus, then after the church
visit, we all went to our 2nd destination the humble ancestral house of
Meng Santos.

Casa Flor de Liza "Meng Santos" Ancestral house is our second
destination we had late breakfast there of fish  and fried rice with pineapple
chunks coffee. then we are invited to go inside and visit his ancestral house,
the house had a great collection of plants, and antique furniture here are
the pictures.
photo by Allan Martinez

A vintage talking machine

here are more shots of the interior. 

Afterwards, we proceeded further uphill to a bro Martin's punduhan ng mga
kabalat,(because thats how the dumagats wants to be called now)
photo by Roy Vincent Santiago

part of the advocacy tour is to bring school supplies and stuffs to
them. we had our lunch there. this is my 6th visit but the place and sceneries
are picture perfect with a little photography skills and a DSLR. unfortunately
I own a cheap cam phone. but still, I wold like to share some shots I had.
To gain entry into the heavily secured Angat Water Dam and Reservoir.
This Reservoir is strictly off limits to the public except when special requests
 are made in advance for groups who wants to tour the place.

here in this picture we could see the surroundings around Norzagaray, the river,
how the water flows,  both the reservoir and dam are located at the Angat River

Its main purposes are to supply water in here in Metro Manila, provide irrigation
for the provinces of Pampanga and Bulacan, to reduce flooding to downstream
towns and villages and  generate hydro-electric power to feed Luzon's water needs.
Very briliant architecture, but dangerous, once a big earthquake happens
most of Manila will be flooded under water.

After this, we went to Tariktik trail , where wild horses roam free, where you 
could here the sounds of birds, this trail has its special magic. why? because I 
have been  to garay with LAKAD PAMANA for the 5th time and we can get 
to experience  entering here on our 6th visit. when inside, scenes appear to 
change every few meters and you seem to be in sync with nature itself, and..
(if I could get half naked with nice abs, ill be tarzan haha) however this is not 
an unspoiled woodland anymore. sicne I see some baby shoes around during 
the trail. (hehe) anyways , here are some pictures I took along the way, and 
also a video clip of the actual trail.

After this, we went to our final destination, the enchanted farm in Bulacan
a project  of Gawad Kalinga (GK), the Enchanted Farm in Angat Bulacan is
a romanic place fir for lovers on a date in a fairy tale.

The first thing that you will see when you enter the GK Enchanted Farm
is a structure made entirely from stone, glass, and bamboo. the gates of and
we know this is an eye-opening trip for me. we went there to have a nice mirienda
of sticky rice and ginataan forgot the name... whats that again rence? I totally
forgot. haha. anyways here are some of the pictures, since We didnt get to tour
around the whole complex because it was raining, but there  sure are a lot of pretty
girls there. maybe next time I can have a video of the area.

this is our last stop since the rains kept pouring and I got a bad flu. after our mirienda
we decided to call it a day.

this is indeed a whole day of fun, rain or shine LAKAD PAMANA dBarkadZ is
the group you  should consider hanging with. most are photographers , enthusiast.
bloggers and adventurers. so if you guys are not occupied on a sunday. then
just pm the organizer. for just 1500.00 you enjoy good food, good companion and
a whole day of educational bonding with a fun group.

group photo by Roy Vincent Santiago

all this for 1500.00 and its all worth it, the food, the friends, the scenery
and its an advocacy tour all in one!

my story ends here... I hope this wont be my last Garay tour because there is just
so much to visit in garay with so little time.

ONE LOVE. This is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out. till next tour.

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