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Saturday, July 16, 2016

An afternoon at Manila ocean park

I remember when I was a kid years ago that theres a place in Luneta called
the manila acquiarium, when it closed down. I know there wont be any marine
life for kids and oldies to appreciate, and we know Manila is one of those cities
that doesn’t have much going for it in the way of sightseeing attractions.

I hate the malls,  the cinema, and I never explore alone, so...
One afternoon, I decided to travel again Donna,  my photographer and partner
for the day, she can cook the best pasta and you should try it. I finished
the whole thing just inside the car! yumyum!

we didnt get the package with all the attractions at around 800  per head. we
decided to just get the oceanarium package at 400 per head because here,
you pay for the attractions you want to see.

This is the main event as far as the sea-life theme is concerned. You first walk
though a series of tanks of colorful fish.

here are some of the pics we took.

Then you go through the underwater plexiglass hallway. you can see sharks, 
mantas moray eels and lots of fish! this  25 meter long, 220° curved walkway tunnel has a 
spectacular underwater view of sea  creatures swimming overhead. Oceanarium has filtered water 
from Manila Bay. the seawater is suitable to marine life dont worry. 

The Oceanarium at Manila Ocean Park is home to  marine creatures from different species, 
all indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. the  size and diversity makes it one 
of the world’s best public aquariums. The Oceanarium is a stunning walkthrough of the
watery depths featuring seven sections and containing a thousand cubic meters of seawater.

we were supposed to go to Manila zoo afterwards but got lost haha all in all this tour
of the Manila ocean park is good, only if the aircon is at full blast. its hot in there!
haha if you love marine life this is the place to go. be sure to wear comfortable clothes
I got soaked because its so hot! and I had no choice but to buy another set of shirt
to change! and oh! haha I forgot my cap! but all in all! it was all good! who wouldnt
have fun if you have such a pretty photographer with you?

ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out. 

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