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Monday, July 11, 2016

half day tour of intramuros

If there's one thing I hate about traveling, is a downpour, the weather was bad 
the other day , and I was surprised that I will be going to intramuros again
after the tour at Escuella Taller last Saturday, I cant believe that Ill be back
again this time with my travel buddy.

kalesas ( horse-driven carriage.) will offer you tours at P300 per person.  
and a pedicab driver with a map will offer you 50 per person for a tour of
half of intramuros, the best option is still, the walking tour.
here are some of the pictures inside Escuella Taller by the way

hmmm.... now, Where to go? if you have 6 hours to spare in a day, at 
intramuros, [?] I invited my travel mate Donna Brazos to join me to explore 
a portion of the walled City.. come join us.

Our first stop was Bayleaf and the areas around it. this hotel perfectly blend
with the old structures inside intramuros and preserving the old charm of
its surroundings.

the pictures above were taken from the skydeck viewbar, you can have
a 360 unobstructed view of the entire city.
on the west side you see intramuros , manila bay and the port city of Manila
and of course this skydeck is the perfect place to view the manila sunset.

Then we went to San Agustin Church.

Built in 1571, it is the oldest stone church in Philippines. It is now one of UNESCO's
World Heritage sites , we explored the museum and also father Blanco's Garden.

we also went to the museum here are some of the pics of what you see inside the
museum which now cost 400.00 per head to enter

Across San Agustin is Casa Manila, an architecture which resembles a typical Spanish
Mansion. Since we had a flight to catch in the afternoon, we didn't had the chance to
enter the museums. we decided to head back home the moment it started to rain hard.

so we decided to call it a day , reschedule to another day, and went home.
till our next tour, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out. ONE LOVE.

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