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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

the hungry ghost month

This year, the Ghost Month starts on August 3, 2016. -Aug 31, my internet
cafe was opened last Sept. 5, 2005 because of delays in the construction.
and I was adviced then not to open on hungry ghost month.
this is the time where ghost wander around spontaneously. but not every
Chinese believe in ghost month. I am one of  them, I don't practice  and make
offerings, my parents do the work every year.

 It is believed that the all souls come out from the underworld on the 15th day of
the seventh lunar month. In China, the Hungry Ghost Festival is one of several
celebrated traditions. in the Philippines, its a business. where believers go to

Chinatown to buy the Joss paper and incense. some go to groceries to buy
foods canned good for offerings, and Chinese restaurants to order cooked meal
for offering.

we practiced this every year, and yesterday is where we made offerings.
sorry I  don't have the pictures because am adviced not to publish them.

Whether these may be true or not, be not afraid, but rather give importance in
honoring the lives of our lost loved ones.

Chinese believe they’re at risk of becoming victims of accidents  during this time.
we don’t stay outside late at night to avoid accidents.some other superstiticious
belief are the following:
-Do not buy a house (and / or do not move in to the new house)
no to constructing a new building or transferring of office to a new site,
no big purhases, no big business deals, no signing of contracts.
-Do not hang clothes outside at night and Avoid traveling
and absolutely No weddings in this month
-Do not whistle on the quiet street at night, (its believed that it  may attract)never
go swimming at night, dont look at the mirror at midnight
-Do not step on or kick the offerings by the roadside

Ever wonder why the hungry ghost month falls on August and not
the same month as all souls day? its because the Chinese had a
different calendar.

til my next blog
ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out

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  1. Very interesting. Even though I am a married woman, I am going through a midlife crisis and love your blog. I am always looking for new hobbies and interests.