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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

a roadtrip to wawa dam

the first days of September were days of testing how well the Cefiro
handles driving out of town, and the good thing is I have my travel
companion Donna with me in each road trip.

the whole month of August is spent on taking long walks together
trying out something new everyday, like street foods, going to places
now its the first week of the ber month

its a few days before her birthday and I thought of giving her a good
surprise by bringing her to Silang and having bulalo there, to a resort in
Malabon, and to star city. we both loved roadtrips more than going to
Malls or watching movies.

but instead she  surprised me by guiding me somewhere east, to
the mountains of Montalban.

a few hours drive from Litex Commonwealth ave we found our way
to Wawa dam.

this is the welcome arch as you enter the wawa dam area

and here are some pictures of the beauty of the dam

 welcome Arch
 you will be surprised to know that there are two good resorts affordable
with a minimal fee of 60 pesos per head.

we drove our cefiro uphill, but one can also use public transportation.
take an FX to Cubao going to Montalban, their terminal near the stairs
of MRT Cubao station, if you are facing the Farmers Plaza at the left
side of the mall near the Jollibee.  Fare is 50.00.
At Montalban ride a jeep going to Wawa Dam. Fare is 8.00. there are two resorts
overnight stay is possible and rooms are quite affordable at 1500.00 pools are 60
per head.

Pamitinan cave was declared a historic site by the NHCP During WW2,
Japanese soldiers occupied the cave and used it as a camp.

upon arrival we were required to pay 30.00 environmwent fee and 10.00 parking
fee.  There are mini store and carinderia near the Dam.we had lunch in one of them
food was affordable 40.00 per meal.

there are lots of places in our area that are unexplored because young people are
exposed to malls, movies, and facebook. we hope our new tourism secretary
will tap more bloggers to promote more tourist spots to social media.
ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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