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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

life's lessons

I have been  inactive these past few weeks. I sure miss writing,  lately I have been busy
with my private life in the most awesome three months and today , as September almost
comes to an end. I want to share what I learned through this three month journey as I
learn about reality and what life and experience has to teach me.

Life is filled with unanswered questions.
each day is a lesson for me..
Desperate times calls for desperate moves
Fighting the power of money. this is the real test, and the real problem of our
Society. we cant have peace with money in control
Never Assume.

Money matters. Money talks. everything else does not matter.

Looks always sells. no matter what angle you look at it. Loyalty is just secondary.

Never blame anyone else.  Blame yourself and then do something about it
learn to be alone, not everyone will stay

If something isn’t right and needs to change in your life, you’re the only one
who can make that change.Build what you can with what you have, and as you
acquire additional resources, build upon what you have already built.

You have to accept what has happened and use what you’ve learned to step

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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