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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

power of selling in bed.

google definition of marketing plan, it is a comprehensive document  that outlines
a company's "advertising and marketing efforts" for the coming year. and describes
"business activities" involved in accomplishing specific marketing objectives within
a set time frame.(quota). OK OK... thats the definition.

in this blog, there will be no pictures, and I will be a little frank and honest about
what I am going to share. because they are happening. business is business
and signing the contract, closing the deal, and making the sale is what counts.

Marketing and selling is the hardest career path to enter. your best asset is your
looks, more than your mouth. specially if you start at a young age. and this is a
known fact. A guy will seal the deal or contract with an attractive agent
"with benefits" than seal a contract with a normal looking agent. (that
only sells the product!) Please.. oh pls. no more arguments please!

go to trade shows, what do you see? models. babes in sexy outfit looking
their best. looks sells! being attractive always gives attention.

What's the point spending weeks wining and dining a client if you can seal
a deal after a less than  30-minute one night show?
some are married but what the hell, business is business. If I don't do it
someone else will! you may think.... 

These raunchy details will certainly not be found in any selling marketing handbook !
this is a beautiful marketing babe's sexy secret weapon! seducing to clinch deals!
and this babe of a sales person will be flown around the world by a string of rich
clients who will bombard her with  jewelleries, sexy underwear,  and bedtime clothes
to help cement their "business relationship". business is business. and this is the
other side of the "dirty business" others refuse or wont talk about !

Although it is quite well established that “sex sells”, the last thing any salesperson
should ever do in a sales call is use “sex” to sell, even if your client is flirting with
you. You may be thinking “Why? its so easy to seal a deal with just 15 min in bed"
but hey, here are a few reasons why you should otherwise.

Number one. Your client will not respect you. am sure. you are always viewed as
a sex symbol and object of desire, not as a sales person. you will  likely get
repeat orders. oh! Sure, using your sex appeal will always  help you close that deal.
for the time being, while are still desirable, and an object of pleasure, they want your
body, not your product or the company you represent. add a few more years of
doing it, and they will seek other, much attractive and curvaceous agents. YOUR OUT!

Who cares about your product anyway right?  Just like a one night stand;
repeat "orders" is refered to "Your body" and not your product. so you think
it’s all great and fun at the time and then you wake up to what you thought was a
super-hot person after the great time in bed, you go back home and wait to be called
by your next "client" for your "business meeting", and yes, you will top your sales
chart and get the quota, earn good money. but for how long? and yes! your cleavage
and curves always do the talking! for how long? 10 yrs? and your out.

Forget about that product/service reference. So you flirted your way to close a
big deal with an important client who wasn’t buying from you. Time to celebrate?
NO.!  If another client asks them why they purchased your product, they certainly
aren’t going to tell them how wonderful your product is. Are they?  Want your clients
discussing this amongst one another?  I most certainly would not.

and it always shows you suck at selling!! yeah!! uhmmmm.. you say? "I closed
that deal right?" so thats more important? So you must be good at sales huh?
You obviously weren’t able to effectively communicate the value of the product or
service you are selling, so you had to resort to other means.  and please, some
old men are not  interested in your product, just your body! period. clear?

Now, take a sales course.  and improve those sales skills and don’t stoop to that
level. If that doesn’t work, perhaps it’s time to consider another career.
keep in mind exactly what it is you want to accomplish.  everybody  want to make
that sale, make your client interested in the product you present. NOT A NIGHT
WITH YOU. So, whether it is your amazing product or service  make sure to sell
yourself and the company you are representing the right way, the one that earns you
respect and not the other way around.

ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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