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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

urban walking a good exercise

What If your car broke down and its traffic everywhere and you
need to be meeting someone? well, Donna have thought of that. and
she gave me an idea to do a new activity- brisk walking

we know that,  a city, no matter how efficiently planned out or how beautiful,
is rendered worthless without people.  It cannot exist because it takes people
 to make a city.  It is people who will take the empty shells of buildings and
make them function.

Cities deserve to be experienced by a person in motion. You will pass through
an extraordinary amount of time, and cross each street, as you move

All walks begin somewhere that you know. From that familiar starting place,
you will head down streets you recognize, until you find ones you only know a bit.
but be careful don't do this at night where few people are around.

Keep wandering, and if you're lucky you will realize you've arrived somewhere
new. and if you're not lucky... then the bad guys got something new(from you)

The city at night is different. There's nothing boring about it. You can't see as
much, but you can hear things: your footsteps, other people's footsteps. Suddenly
you are aware of shadows, and you are negotiating fear. its both exciting
and dangerous.

 The streets and buildings may not change often, but there is a cast of people
that do. You may not witness the same beautiful towns, and scenery that you
would in the countryside, but you do get an endless procession of interesting

we have our own (not branded flip flops) , they are very comfortable to wear,
no problems about  puddles having to take socks off or change shoes,
or boots and they dry rapidly.

I'm interested in people, buildings, history, communities and although the beauty
of lakes, mountains valleys are not lost on me, with Donna as my partner,
I find more reasons to try this exercise called urban walk more often, and we
continue to learn more about each other after each trip.

ONE LOVE. till here, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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