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Thursday, August 11, 2016

pokemon Go should you download?

The world has been taken over with POKEMONGO fever & new players are busy 
exploring their barangay and having lots of fun adventures in the crowded streets.

Pokemon Go is inspired by the gameboy game, cartoon programme and 
low-tech trading card game Pokemon, which was the subject of a craze in 
the late 1990s. I should know because am a pokemon addict before.

The game is based around (AR) Augmented Reality, meaning it blends 
elements of virtual and real life. Its users create an avatar to catch and 
train the monsters in real world locations which can then take part in 
simulated battles.

The game uses your smartphone's camera and GPS to provide you with 
the experience of existing in a world of Pokemon. exciting at first...

All you need to do is to take your phone, walk over to your neighbor’s 
and tap a Poké Ball toward the creatures when you see them on the 
screen to "catch em' all(if you can) and if your phone is still there.

We know that  Pokémon GO has landed in a huge way. as of this 
writing. more than 50 percent of Android users are playing the game.
almost all of my friends are using the app.

The absurd hype train that led up to this game had gamers and 
non-gamers of all ages alike thinking their childhood dreams would 
finally come true. We’d finally be able to wander our neighborhoods 
and local parks and find Pokémon hiding behind trees, in CRs, or...
in Malls, inside a house, a vacant lot, puddles,  We’d finally be able to 
show everyone we were the very best and catch ’em all. 
The Pokémon game we knew and loved would finally see the 
grand  stage that  is the real world.

but the bad part here is, it’s totally different. Plenty of people 
will enjoy or are already addicted to the game. (except me) this 
may be my unpopular opinion. 

Pokémon just really fails to deliver as is, and has a long way to 
go to live up to the adventure that began in Pallet Town.

Just imagine, an app that was better designed as a battery hog. 
one of the best ways to kill a smartphone battery is to have the 
screen on. And the first rule of Pokémon GO is that you have to 
keep your screen on all the time to play. Add to this the fact that 
the game demands high accuracy GPS (always ON), so its the 
kind that uses the most battery. so we need to charge and 

recharge our phone more frequently, Running Pokémon GO 
is going to mean more frequent discharges and charges for a 
lot of people, which means shorter battery lifespans, which means 
higher smartphone turnover, which means more phones getting 
"DEAD" in those pokemon battles. which means buying a new 
phone before Christmas. hmmm... PokemonGo is currently free.. 
for now. because it has micro-transactions. so anybody who can 

shell out a bit of cash can gain XP faster, encounter more Pokémon, 
and incubate more eggs at once than players who don’t pay..
those paying players can have more Pokémon, and potentially 
more powerful ones! and by the way, you can read and learn it
yourself on how to hack your way to be high level, its found in 
google unfair dba?

Now, in a few more weeks? There should be plenty of problems 
when it comes to connecting to the game servers, and this can 
mean a long wait for whatever Pokéstop you’re near to load...
so u need to STOP, and wait for it to load.
do I download this app?

I guess not. I dont want to get hooked. and I still love my phone

well unless I got a drone powered pokemon go kit. I've read that using ur iPhone 
app AirDroid you can ink ur phone screen with ur notebook & play without taking 
a single step.  cool to read! unfortunately you are limited by the reach of your 
WiFi network. so Can you see any potential in tracking down your Pokémon with 
a drone ? Nah!

I will stick to walking with Donna instead. we tried walking from Monumento to QC 
circle and end up in Wendy's eating salad haha

its your choice. the game is appealing for some. and its a trend
now. much similar to angry birds a few years ago.

to be safe and alert at all times ... watch out for team rocket!
your phone might get lost in no time!

ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out

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