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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A day in malacanang

yesterday, I had a chance to go to Malacañang Palace because of an invite, 
which I won't be writing in detail anymore. 

should I or should I not post? well, Ill post some pictures, well maybe it
would be an interesting story to share. It was my second time to to actually 
go inside the Palace (not the museum)since I had seriously never had any 
official business there.

The palace is not the regular park I visited during Sundays
You pass by manicured lawns and clean roads before reaching the 
Palace. security is tight, if your name is not on the list, you would not 
be granted guest list no entry and this apply for visitors with 
high end cars.
the last time I visited the Palace was in 2014.

so in short, you can only look through the fences along Jose P. Laurel St. 
because Malacañan is off-limits to those who have no official business inside.

During the Spanish regime, "May lacan dyan" as it was formally called, 
was originally a summer home built in 1750 by Don Luis Rocha then bought 
for 1,000 pesos, by Col. Jose Miguel Formento  then sold again  for 5,100 
pesos to the Spanish Government. 

before it was used by American Gov Generals and later converted to a Palace 
by the one Filipino president who lived there. Today, it is the official office of 
our President. and every past presidents.

Presidents are not required to live in the Palace. In fact, there are three former 
Philippine presidents who did not live there: tita Cory and FVR, who lived in the 
Arlegui Guesthouse; and Erap, who lived in the nearby Bonifacio Guesthouse. 
former pres. PNOY and current President Digong stays in Bahay Pangarap, across 
the Pasig River, and takes his own ferry to go to Malacañan.

The Presidential Museum and Library is open to public tours from Monday to 
Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., except public 
holidays. the Public is charged a regular fee of P50.00 for adults, and P30.00 
for students or P.W.D. 9am to 12pm  Monday to Friday and 1pm to 3pm 
except holidays

The tour is around 2 hours, it’s definitely worth your time because most of 
the facts and trivia discussed by the guide are not learned in your school.

the first room, Malacañan as a Prize Room, has different campaign paraphernalia
inside. we listened to various campaign jingles from the time of Magsaysay to

next we went to the second room, they call- Malacañan as a Pulpit, we saw
the the most interesting law here in our nation's history  the copy of the
Proclamation No. 1081

Malacañan Palace as a Stage, the past first ladies their memorabilia and portraits
paintings are displayed here.

The other rooms, Osmeña, Quezon, Roxas, Quirino, including the Old Vice President’s
office each tell a story about the their former occupants. then the Main Hall,
Northeast and Southeast Galleries feature the memorabilia of the Philippine presidents.

 here are more pictures of what to see inside the Palace museum and Library

 Touring San Miguel District compared to other tourist attractions here in
Manila, is not that easy. because you need to have a reservation beforehand
just to visit the Palace Museum and library,  then IDs/licenses must be submitted to
the guards at the gate of the complex, just for you to see some of the ancestral houses
still standing,  as you walk, you will observe the peace, and the cleanliness of the area.
it offers an alternative look at the history of the Philippines, because once powerful and
illustrious people lived here, "May Lacan Dyan"

here are some picture I took of the houses in the area.

This 411-year-old Baroque-style church is the only one in the whole world dedicated
to all of the archangels.

my blog ends here. hope to visit Malacanang again and meet our president
one day.....

oh by the way, this week(Aug. 3) til the end of August, is the start of the
hungry ghost month

ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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