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Saturday, April 30, 2016

fat to fit : the Kimberly Gallenero Story

If you're trying to lose weight, health experts recommend trimming down what you eat.
Why? Because it works! people who cut down on their intake lost twice as much
as those who didn't.

Meet 17 yr old Kimberly, a student taking up Travel and Tourism Management at
St. John Bosco Institute of Arts and Sciences Pasig, she started working out
when she was 16 yr old.last Febuary 2, 2015. and the process took around eight
months to complete.
we have known Kim the carshow model, the HOT IMPORT NIGHTS MODEL,
now hear her story....
image by: JCD Photography

and this is the her story.
It was their finals for the subject Personality Development and their subject is
"FASHION SHOW" where everyone needs to draw lot,  where in a student can
be assigned to wear anything from swimwear, summer wear or sports wear..
she was like "Dang! what if I got *two piece Swimwear* and  I look like this?

Kim at 5'6  187 lbs.  Feb 2015

And it was the start of something big, a big dream, for a young student. the only driving 
force to achieve her goals? is to wear that swimwear one day. and walk the catwalk.
heads up, proud, and finishing her PerDev subject with flying colors in her class.
her day 1 , week 1 looks like this.

here is her formula  in case you are wondering: you were saying ...WOW?
NOW, can you do it?

for Breakfast, Lunch, Mirienda, Dinner.... you need to have this.

and after a few months of hard work.... her efforts starts to pay off.

as days pass by....
and as weeks pass by......

and behold!!!

after 8 months, she entered HOT IMPORT NIGHTS V. Where not every body
can join, and models are but a chosen few....

Kim at 5'6 132 lbs.
picture credits to: Jesse Carlos of JCD Photography

 Sometimes the scale will not be your friend, so you should set goals that are within
 your control: Sign up for a 5K, start a food journal ditch the diet soda, have
a four-day-a-week walking goal. Declare the goal, reach it and then set another.

picture credits to: Jesse Carlos of JCD Photography

picture credits to: Jesse Carlos of JCD Photography

 Remember that you don't have to be perfect to lose weight. If you get off track,
you just get right back on. It's like getting a flat tire—you fix it and move on,
you don't poke holes in the rest of your tires.

her message for those who wants to be like her ? and aim for the car show model
body? NO PAIN NO GAIN. you needed to cut down on your cheat days. and
food intake for starters:

REMEMBER people :
The natural thing for us to do is hide our vices and try to fix them in secret
because we're ashamed. But I've found that, more often than not, people are
excited for you, and will be there to support you and help you in any way they can.

Add exercise to your life. Not only does exercise burn calories, but it also makes
you feel good.

Expecting perfection is setting yourself up for failure. When you allow yourself to
be imperfect and not beat yourself up, you will find it easier to make the right choices.

Learning to love yourself—or at least care enough to work toward loving yourself
is key to successful weight loss.

watch out for more of Kimberly in the future carshow events.
you can follow her on twitter and add her on facebook if you want to ask for
tips from her personally.

This is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out.


  1. That was excellent effort. If you visit my blog, I have tips on losing weight. From the diet, I see that the only cause of long term health concern is nutrients. Cutting down on food to moderate quantity, low glycemic healthy meals and snacks are the key.

    Physical exercise such as 1-1/2 hour in the gym is a concern.

    I do not argue with the results. I am only more concerned with long term.

  2. Must be great discipline and determination, too. And the result is just too beautiful to look at. Her new body makes her more confident as well. Congrats and very good, Kimberly.

  3. I always admire people for seeing a problem and finding a way to fix it. I love that she saw something that she wasn't happy with and wanted to improve it. She looks great before and after but you can tell her confidence is a lot bigger now!

  4. Wow this is so impressive and it's really great to see. It must be so motivating for others when they read this post and see the before and after pictures. I think it's hard work to loose that weight. I try not to gain, to stay skinny, so I don't have to go through something like this. But I respect it so much. Well done!

  5. Wow! This is astounding and truly inspirational. However, I just don't have the willpower to go on a diet and just exercise. One advantage for her though, is that she's still in her teenage years. Once she reaches my age, it's more difficult to lose weight. I still do hope I have her discipline though to improve myself for myself.

    -Me-An Clemente

  6. Great effort. yes. If one wants to lose weight for long term , one needs to set very reasonable limits. FOr example setting limit od 2 kgs or 1 pound in a month that you can sustain is good target. so, eat clean, work out and sleep well. is the key.

  7. It indeed require effort and sacrifice in order to lose weight. It also takes a lot of discipline as well. Good job for Kimberly! I hope she will serve as an inspiration to other people too.

  8. Wow I am inspired by your fit journey. I always wanted to lose that extra baby fat but there will be reasons for not able to do so. I hope this round I will be able to make it.

  9. What an inspiring story.. 8 months was really fast. Congratulations to her :)