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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


The biggest entertainment convention is back! coming tomorow Aug 10-13, a 4 day
event History Con returns to the Philippines, for the 2nd time, from the just concluded
Malaysia event,  Get ready to watch the best of HISTORY come to life!

last yr. 50,000 PEOPLE MADE HISTORY IN HISTORY CON 2016 in its  4
action-packed days with 11 of HISTORY's biggest celebrities and Over 100
exhibitors and with 3 New World Records

In a world of brainwashing and basic television shows, it's rare to come across a
channel that enables iewers to learn and enjoy at the same time.
the Manila HISTORY Con event in August will provide that same learning and
enjoyment in an even more interactive format

Be sure to catch your favorite stars of the HISTORY channel, from ultimate biker
chick and Ride ‘N Seek host Jamie Dempsey to the incredibly talented airbrush artist
Horny Mike of Counting Stars. Just for those in the Philippines, Rick Harrison of
Pawnstars is back by popular demand to join the stellar line up and meet with his
devoted fans in Manila.

Filipino personalities Phoemela Baranda and Gaby Dela Merced from Celebrity Car Wars
and Mike Potenciano will be there.
you can trey MP TURBO's racetrack. and you can see Knight Rider (K.I.T.T.) also

Whatever your interest, there will definitely be something that caters to you. If you happen
to get bored.. which is imposible, you may take a break by checking out the exhibitors
GO TO RETRO TOY COLLECTORS booth and experience talking with Car show models
as they talk about  ur favorite iconic and vintage diecast toys you played with decades ago.
there will also be a  medieval battle, a shooting range, run wild by trying the  ATV rides
stay cozy and experience the immersive tiny house nation.
experience the fun with the airsoft wargame and try your luck at  the history bee inter-school

Tomorow, RETRO TOY COLLECTIONS Shall join the 4 day event with 2 models for each day

starting on day 2. models Julie Doller Vhie Villar Valles and Kaye

some highlights from  last yr's  HCON

Today is ingress day and here are some of the pictures I want to share with you

see you guys!! this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out!

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