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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ghost month once again

Its the first week of  August, and I haven't traveled much last few weeks
in a few more weeks ....its not because of the upcoming Month of Ghost.
August 22-Sept 19, which  in traditional Chinese practice, is not an auspicious
time to start a new business or make a new investment or join a new venture.
its also the month to avoid getting married (hahaha) or celebrating birthdays at night.
(weird eh? ) It is said that birthdays shouldn't  be celebrated at all!  also not a good
time to move to a new residence.

For persons who are true believers, (like my elders) there are many other minor taboos.
Do not swim because evil ghosts are looking for people to drown to find victims for
them to rebirth or reincarnate. (hahaha). another one I remember is not to hang clothes
outside at night or pick up money found on the street.(????) yeah! even if its a big domination bill
and not to wear red because ghosts are supposedly attracted to the color red. (???)
Do not sing or whistle because these sounds may attract ghosts.(a practice from the movie

These may all sound like superstitions. However, just like the belief in fengshui,
I know many businessman here in Manila who follow the Ghost Month taboos. During
this period, many businessmen refuse to start new ventures and investors even avoid the
stock market. Inauguration of buildings are also postponed. Formal opening of restaurants
and shops are also delayed. Even the purchase of major items like cars, major appliances
and jewelry are considered taboo by some believers.

Why do people say it’s “Ghost Month” this August? How come “Ghost Month”
falls in August, not October or November when Halloween and All Souls’ Day is

for us, Chinese, its is said that this August is the month when we’re very careful, because
it’s the time when hungry ghosts visit and wander around spontaneously. Like other
occasions, Ghost Month is being observed every year–during the 7th Lunar month
That is why Ghost Month usually falls either in July or August.

(this yr. August 22 to September 19)

so.... heres the magic question.

Does every Chinese believe in Ghost Month? No.
Do the practices/beliefs vary if one is not pure Chinese?
Should everyone believe in Ghost Month, or is it exclusive only to the Chinese community?

In China, the Hungry Ghost Festival is one of several celebrated traditions where the
ghosts of ancestors including mischievous and unhappy ones are believed to wander
starting on the first day of the 7th lunar month, wandering around for days looking
for some entertainment or mischief and getting hungry on the last day of the Ghost Month.
again... IN CHINA.... believe it or not...
its your choice. for me?  well... uhhmmm.. I dont.

REMINDER Again, this year our ghost month falls on

August 22 to September 19
so my blog goes till here.

this is your LOVERBOY  Dennis signing out.

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