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Thursday, August 17, 2017


The second edition of History Con in Manila as they say, was bigger, better, & bolder
than ever it coincides with the 10th anniversary of History in Asia. it is a convention
gathering all your favorite stars from History Asia Channel under one roof this event
 was as usual, people came in from different cities, history lovers, fans of TV their
favorite TV shows.

 Celebrities  from the popular History Channel shows are there for
the four-day convention, where they gave talks and interacted with fans for selfies.
Rick Harrison of "Pawn Stars" was there you can also meet "Forged in Fire"
bladesmith Ryu Lim, a show about crafting axes, swords, and daggers Jamie Dempsey
from "Ride 'N Seek," Horny Mike from "Counting Cars," Justin Mott from "Photo
Face-Off," and Danielle Colby from "The Pickers."
you can see old toys in RETRO TOY COLLECTIONS, also tanks, steam punk

motorcycles, Lego, an astronaut, friends dressed up as WW2 era soldiers, and
K.I.T.T., free beer, and not to mention...pretty models professional competitive
eater known for breaking the world record for eating 50 hotdogs was there too!

you can drive an ATV, a motorcycle over wooden planks or a bed of rocks, try out
some harleys, pose with the celebrities, the car show models, and get up close with

Doc Ted's rescue suv all the fun plus a karting session from Mike Potentiano's
MP TURBO. plus a trip to and from your parking area in one of those cool electric
car services provided by the organizers.
Several big Halls joined together with over 400 booths designed specifically
for history buffs, (like me) car entusiast, motorheads and geeks to just socialize
buy stuffs and take selfies all for 250.00 pesos.

here are the pictures
 tank from 1942

Japanese WW2 cosplayers headed by Dennis Go

Cosplayer friends from the war

Tōshō Daimos ERIKA is not around...

 cute chick in the Hall,. the TREX dollie
 my idol. Chōdenji Machine Voltes V

later on I went with good buddies Jenny and Ann for a late dinner at Gerry's Jeep
talking about our adventures at HCON 2017....

its a big carshow and history show with talks, demos and a little bit of the actitivities
found in MIAS only much exciting! all in one! one big show. and I'm glad I have been
part of the event when Manila  made  history. see you again next yr.
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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