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Sunday, August 31, 2014

wake me up when Sept. end

the first day of September, and that means every September 5, we celebrate  my mother's birthday, also every September 5, we Celebrate the month that my first Computer Shop was established Sept. 5, 2005
and now on its 9th yr  of operation and of service to Bgy. 81 Caloocan Monumento Community.

ber months is the start of more christmas related events because christmas is just a few more sundays ahead
so get ready for more events.

its BER months which means Christmas is almost here! We celebrate the longest Christmas in the world starting form September to March of the following year. christmas commercialism.

 DEN-R internet will have its 9th christmas this yr.
and guess what, radio stations started playing Xmas tunes two or three weeks ago. well, Christmas carols could be heard airing on mainstream as early as September! I always look forward to the first Christmas song I will hear for each year.

If you are so rich ... with family and friends, be warned that a very long list can cause a serious holiday bankruptcy,  So you may want to limit your list to those whom you really care about.
every year. I spend around 30-35k in holiday gifts, in Brgy 81 alone, there would be around 19 pedicab friends, 32 families from all corners of my barangay, and around 300+ customers, kids, teens, and adults, come for their chistmas presents from December 2nd wk til the day itself] usually in the form of cash. not counting my 30 Godchildren "inaanaks "

Every Christmas for 30 yrs, I havent received any gifts from people I know, but what am I complaining about? Christmas is not for gift giving alone. 

hey why am I talking about Christmas now and its not yet even  haloween?

this your loverboy DENNIS signing off. til my next blog.

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