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Saturday, August 30, 2014

68th midyear Orchid and pet show

this is my first blog about orchids, plants, so ill make this quick before the clock strikes 12. Today, I get the chance to visit the QC City Hall sponsored  68th midyear orchid and pet show at the east side inside  QC memorial circle.

thanks to a blog of my friend Lawrence Chan , I got a chance to know about this tour inside Quezon Heritage house, and a tour inside the many gardens of QC Memorial Circle.
his blog can be found here.
for those with twitter use hashtag
#WalkwithChan #68thMidYearOrchidandPetShow 

We were there as early as 730am, then we went to Max  to meet some more friends, the tour started
a few minutes afterwards,

my friend Lawrence Chan,  [Renz] conducted the free tour. I call him the chinese walking encyclopedia, he  knows the different plant species including their scientific name better than my terror science professor  back in HS!. he explained to us the different types of orchid, and the properway to identify them. am a newbie at this but in time, I know I will learn.

I enjoyed the free guided tour, specially am new into this hobby. there were only a few attendees present during the guided tour and it has its advantages, ill let you know why. we were guided by rence inside the different gardens  and exhibit area, He know the plants better than most of the people in the garden to the amazement of senior hobbyist and a media personel.

courtesy of King Louis
as we walked, we met King John, soon to join the plant market business. hes very generous to us because there were just a few of us.  and we all get a little token , a remembrance from the owner.  Ill get to buy some of my favorites from him soon.
the generous farm manager  of KING LOUIS,     
 Mr. Efren  Gener

we all got a flowering plant  from King Louis

and then comes the best part, we were bought to the Quezon Heritage house, and experienced another personal guided tour from Lawrence, and a cute lil lady [didnt get to ask her name]
and after the tour, by afternoon, we were all smiles.

After the Quezon Heritage house tour, I attended a free orchid lecture by then Cory Aquino - Secretary attorney Nanni Perez . I learned a lot. and I also got a price from the raffle. thanks Attorney.

I got this from the Orchid Lecture. of Secretary Nani Perez. thank you Attorney.

#WalkwithChan #68thMidYearOrchidandPetShow 

After the 2 hour lecture, [from 2pm- 4pm] I went shopping and heres what I got before we call it a day.

Graduation certificate awarded to me.

Next Sunday I will attend the Petshow. and will write something. till then this is your loverboy Dennis Signing out.

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