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Saturday, August 30, 2014

the future of INTERNET CAFE

In 2 wks time from now, Sept 5 will be DEN-R internet's 9th yr in the business of giving quality service to neighbors of Bgry 81 Caloocan City.

Much have chaged through the years, a Total of 7 shops has challenged DEN-R, namely LOOKUP, VIRTUAL EXCHANGE, FREEZING POINT, SEARCH AND FIND, SINGULARITY INTERNET, THENET.COM & CASALS.

competitor Virtual Exchange Closed down March 2012

DEN-R has acquired Look-up internet in Nov 2009 and Virtual Exchange Internet in Mar 2012, the only competition now is THENET.COM the rest has been closed down.

LOOKUP has been acquired for 120k and has been renamed RUDENDER INTERNET 1
then 3 yrs after I acquired Virtual Exchange March 2012 and renamed it to RUDENDER 2 internet
then profit has been pretty good with 3 shops in my control.

In 2013  the local cafeteria style restaurant, - BJ Hipolito Eatery has opened up and challenged DEN-R with a 14 seats pisonet internet cafe, and this has proved my theory that if I dont go with what IN, then my sales will decline, and it has! for the past 8 yrs, DENR has never shut down, and for the first time, it did shut down its doors for a month and I have no choice, but to convert and innovate.
DENR has been converted to DENR 1peso-internet cafe.

Its  been quite a while [cant believe its been 7 yrs] since I last posted something, life in the internet  cafe industry has changed a lot over the span of 2 decades since the counter strike boom. IN games like Ragnarok, MU, RAN has already come and go[ for PH servers], the trend now is Dota style MMORG games like [dota 2, Heroes of Newerth , Leaque of Legends, and heroes of the storm] gone are the days where levelup [now bought by Asiasoft] is King, now, AsiaSoft Rules.[they bought companies like e-games and level-up] and if GameClub doesnt watch their back, and take care of Crossfire Philippines, then they will be "merged" by the  bigger company.

To wrap up? the future of internet cafe here in the Philippines, is DIM. PLD{c} [DC for-disconected] has an aggresive marketing plan to put all houeholds with internet at an affordable price. Notebooks and desktopPC prices cost less than ur average android phone, and every corner has a pisonet.

What I'm trying to point out here is, if we don't go with the trend, and the Whats IN, then we will be swallowed and "merged" by a company much innovative than we are.

this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out. till then. 


  1. Sexy internet accessories, Dennis :)

  2. thanks sir William, this Sunday ill write a blog about you and your stamps