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Saturday, February 6, 2016

am back again.

When you are used to writing and sharing your thoughts online, the week seems
kind of lacking when you're unable to write a blog. It’s not because you were lazy
but simply because you were busy.

Right on. So as you may already know, I have had a blog at Blog
spot, used  the service for more than a year. and due to a busy schedule ,
problems at work, and a slightly colorful lovelife ... I’ve left some of my activities
slightly neglected.

after almost 6 months of being inactive....

I think I’ll give it a go again, I’ll take the self-imposed shackles off and just write
about the stuff regarding my work  and everything that interests me. Who knows where
that will take me. I don’t particularly care about being an expert in anything, but rather
an explorer of lots of different things. from men's hobbies to how a 40 something person
takes a shot again at being young and in love. I’m in a huge learning phase of my life, so
again, a blog seems like an interesting place to share that stuff, just the way I started to
do all those a few months back.

So, hey. Welcome me (back?) to LOVERBOYZ AVENUE.

til here. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out.
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and Advance Happy Hearts day

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