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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

goodbye 2015

I grew up very career-driven and achievement-oriented. To me relationships
come and go, but personal achievements and career, these two go together.
Seeing and hearing of couples part ways after 3, 5, 10, or even more years
simply re-enforced the transient nature of relationships in my mind and that
I shouldn’t invest too heavily in something that wouldn’t last.  Not wanting to
be in a relationship for the sake of it, I always believe that there is a special
someone out there for everyone.  I felt I owed it to myself to give love a

serious stab because truth be told, I had been putting love on hold all my life.

As we bring this year to an end, as the world grows another year older and
the New Year begins. I want to share some things 2015 has taught me.
To always trust myself. Luck is not in my hands.... Decision is! My decision may
produce luck, But luck cannot make my decision! 
Cash is always temporary. do not buy happiness, you just cannot afford it.
That I need to ignore the negative and embrace the positive. experience life! 
live the memories! and to also count my blessings before I cry on my 
misfortunes for this year. and finally, I should keep reminding myself that quitting 
is never an option & to never abandon without completion.

goodbye 2015, I'll stay awake and watch... and make sure you leave tonight 
along with the misfortunes you bought me.

THIS IS YOUR LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out......

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