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Sunday, February 14, 2016

bustos bulacan lakad pamana

Yesterday was Valentines day, a festival of romantic love and many people give
cards, letters, flowers or presents to their spouse or partner. They may also
arrange a romantic meal in a restaurant or night in a hotel. Common symbols
of Valentine's Day are hearts, red roses and Cupid.....

but I know  yesterday  will be different. because the lovely girlfriend I am supposed
to date was busy with work and photo shoot which should be top priority, and its
so happens that 2 of my good friends don't have their dates with their boyfriends...
and so....

its time for another bonding session with history. because I was inactive for almost
6 months, its time for another history tour, and I decided to spend Valentines
with my good friends  in part 2 of Lakad Pamana tour, discovering what is there
to see in Bustos., Bulacan.

we arrived there at around 730am the tour participants have the convinience of
being shuttled aboard a bnew hi-ace grandia back and forth to the meeting place.

come join me, and listen to my story, as I bring you to Bustos Bulacan

Bulacan cannot be removed from the history books
because its where the first conflict between Spanish forces and filipinos.
Bulacan is also known for their love of  sweets  thats why they have the minasa
and barquillios.

Arriving at Bustos, I was happy to see familiar faces and friends from my previous
heritage walks in bulacan, yesterday we had a small group, compared to the ones
I attended last year.

our first stop was the church in Bustos, Saint John Parish where we waited for
the others I took some shot of a Bell by Hilario Sunico.

our next stop was the Bustos Heritage Park where we stayed for 2 hours,
greeted  by the mayor, Mayor Arnel F. Mendoza, who welcomed us to Bustos
and the newly opened museum & tourism center and the municipal hall.

The town has a good number of old historic houses. However, they lack
maintenance of the properties though some are being fully restored.

I just wish that they put them into other uses such as making them boutique
hotels with amenities  as most if not all of them have good sized lots.

We had lunch at St. Martin de Pores Orphanage.
below is a video of what we saw, the talented children can really play well.

(its a fb video hehe you just have to copy and paste to your browser)

Bustos, Bulacan. its a center for street children who found love and care beyond
the hot meals and shelter. these street children were fed, sheltered, and thus, healed,
treated with love and care. I can see the Center can house and care for as many
as 200 talented, well waised street children. thanks to the initiative of Rev.
Fr. Florentino S. Concepcion.

for lunch, we had Mixed Nilagang Organic Vegies, Adobo Sa Gata Igat,
Ginataan Susong Palipit, Buro & Chicharon, Tanglad Juice. and all the
beautiful , cute ladies have a complimentary gift from the organizer.

Bustos Bulacan  is blessed with instant access to water ways. houses in Bulacan
are situated near an irrigation canal maintained by the National Irrigation Authority
to water the surrounding rice fields. the best part of our trip is
discovering the unique reconstructed model houses -the bahay
na bato of the Ivatan.

I noticed that Bustos has a slice of Vigan and Batanes, because here you can see
century old bahay na bato like the Casa Perez, Avelina Perez Ancestral House,
Mercado Ancestral House, Lopez Ancestral House.

Ivatan stone houses  and actually experience staying there for a night for only 800.00

The next best part of our trip was the last location for our sight seing at the 
Bustos Dam. this is also the last stop of our Bustos trip before we go back to

The whole structure was amazing and vastness of the land was 
breath taking. I could not help but imagine how fun it is if I am with the girl I 
love the most.

and so the journey ends here, this is LAKAD
and this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing off,
belated happy hearts day to every lovers out there.