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Monday, March 21, 2016

loving the wrong person.

Have you fallen in love with someone you just met in social media? What if that
person is not who she really is Will deception miraculously turn into a reality?
Can destiny really turn everything upside down? how can someone fall in love
with a person you havent met?

I have.

and its a shame.

I have asked all the pertinent questions for a reason so I'd know who I'm
getting with. This person turned out to have lied about almost everything
they were about. Even their activities they had listed in their profile were
not anything they do anymore....I saw so many clues... but I gave it the
benefit of the doubt... and now I feel like a fool.... and bitten. but I have
learned my lessons. and have moved on....

the person I have been talking to and have been falling in love with for
the last 4 weeks, is not who they say they are. Nothing adds up, there is
always an excuse for us not to meet in person, I don't want to believe that it
is all a lie at first until a few close friends finally convinced me.

there are a lot of fakes and also people who just keep putting off dating
for whatever reason.

If there is always an excuse for not meeting, then it is just game
playing and they  are doing it for attention. Let it go and move on. If she
tries to contact you, don't respond. Chalk it up to experience and a
hard lesson learned.

do not be ashamed of asking her, talk via video call asap and meet as
soon as possible don't waste your time on anyone who can't or will not .

charge to experience.

never again.

till here, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out.

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