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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Knight Rider replica spotted at Westcars Autoshow

I accompanied a friend who happens to be living nearby to attend
the WESTSCAR autoshow at Metrowalk yesterday Saturday
March 19, 2016. too bad I missed the REV up motorshow at
UP diliman

at the event, I've seen familiar cars, familiar faces I'm in a hurry
so I just focused on one car that got my attention for the second time
around since the last carshow at WILCON.

the KITT Replica of Mike Barrion.

Knight Rider aired from 1982-1986 and had two big stars.
The first was David Hasselhoff and the second was KITT, the car with a
glowing red eye and a sarcastic, British sense of humor. Now it looks
like KITT and the Hoff are making a comeback here at the WESTCARS

As a small kid in the 80s, I go crazy at the spectacle of a self-driving,
logically arguing Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Firebird Trans Am with a
fancy strip of red lights at the base of the hood.
click this for a detailed video

watching one episode made me an instant car enthusiast even if I cant
afford one. this is the first sight of Knight Industries Two Thousand of
the Philippines.

there are many companies that can help you custom built KITT replicas
like KnightScan 2000 that helps you build your dream KITT car part by
part with shipping  cost. all you need to do is get a vintage second hand
pontiac and build from scratch spend around the price of a bnew SUV
and drive your project on a Sunday weekend.

this sinister-looking black sports car haunted me even in my elementary
school childhood dreams and it still haunts me until now, and for the rest of
my life every boy wanted to be the black leather jacket wearing
Michael Knight and the new generation of boys wanted to be the Stig.

till here, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out

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