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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Sad of APEC

Its been said based on the media that the event will allow the Philippines to expand trade
interaction with APEC member countries, including a new free trade agreement with
Chile; consult with the US on joining the American-led Trans-Pacific Partnership,
free trade agreement, which has concluded its first phase of negotiations; and finalize
a major infrastructure deal with  Japan. There could also be discussions with China
on the Philippines' pending decision to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Which is better? the  APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting fever or the ALDUB fever?

Why should we spend so much, and indulge in such extravagance, just to host foreign
dignitaries and businessmen?

Why risk so much inconvenience for the ordinary Filipinos so that global elites can enjoy
the best of our hospitality?

Aside from  spending around PHP 10B for hosting foreign dignitaries, the government
decided to close major thoroughfares in the city, practically asphyxiating an already
troubled public transportation system.

Thousands of people had to walk for kilometers under scorching heat as buses and
other forms of public transportation retreated in face of a traffic gridlock. Schools have
been shut down practically for a week! last Monday night I was left with No choice
but to walk a few more kilometers just to commute home.

they say the APEC region is the backbone of the Philippine economy. I say, who will
benefit from this? not the masang pilipino!

APEC at least provides a chance for the Philippines to stay, albeit momentarily,
at the center of high-stakes discussions, which will define the future of the Asia-Pacific
order. Sometimes, for leaders in smaller countries in search of their place in the world,
this is all that matters.

by the way, if you fear the traffic, Uber announced Uberchopper, and debuts on Nov. 21
although its a promo for an aerial tour around Metro Manila via the firm Airtrav.
with no stopovers to fetch friends at the mall. and also the company gradtaxi will bring
“GrabHeli” and it  promises an awesome weekends up in the air starting Nov. 24.

ANYWHERE BUT MANILA, for the rest of the week!!
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out

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