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Thursday, November 19, 2015

No stamp collectors month this yr

Last year I attended my very first Stamp Collecting month sponsored by Philpost
held last Nov 11, 2014, this year I was dissapointed that maybe because of APEC?
there is no stamp collecting month and no major exhibit and contest. why? maybe
because  there are only a few stamp collectors left.

I remember when I was in grade school, teachers promote stamp collecting as
a secondary hobby I wonder if Chinese teachers are still doing this now in our
Chinese schools? I guess not? Please,. correct me if am wrong.

I've heared other friends say that the hobby is dying, that is why I inherited a few
albums from friends or from uncles.

Philately is not a dying hobby, at least for the next few centuries. May be
because of the invent of electronic mailing systems and internet, the usage of posts
and postal stamps has been reduced to a negligible number, but still the Postal
system is alive. There are remote places where only conventional mails can reach
and not the electronic ones The Postal system is not going anywhere for the next
few decades and so will be the release of new postal stamps.
It will not die as a hobby because anything can be collected even after it is no
longer in use. Even after the last stamp is issued stamp collecting will be a great

With the advent of digital age the number of posts(letters) being made as
compared to earlier times have certainly nose dived. Almost all the communication
is now  being done using the Internet and the thought of Philately hobby dying is
a frightening  thought for the child in me which still enjoys collecting  stamps !

The hobbyist (like me) see stamps as the representation of culture, pride
and history and so there is much more to learn from stamps than seeing
them as mere pictures.

There is one thing we can agree upon, The number of budding philatelists
have gone down drastically. But Philately is very much alive!  the hobby is
just evolving to a different level.

Even though the number of people taking up this hobby may decline
(in the Philippines)in the coming years but those who pursue it will definitely
have a great fun and a stress reliever too.

Having said this philately is still considered "one of the most popular
hobbies in the world in other countries, (sad to say, not here)there are still
people ranging from amateurs to professionals who are indulged in this
hobby even today.(in other countries)

Partly people don't send letters as much, partly kids have more interesting
things to do. No one thinks they will find a valuable stamp any more.

It used to be a very common activity, but now it's become a somewhat a

passive hobby reserved for those who can spend a few thousand for a set of
their favorite stamps

It's just a lot less common than it used to be -- in the 60's a number of
stores in Recto sell stamps, I have friends who go to stamp shops to buy
stamps for their hobby but now? youngsters are mostly on gadgets, going to
malls(not museums) and watching  aldub or pastilas.

HOW DO WE REVIVE this old hobby for the Filipinos and Chinese of
Yester years? by promoting them in schools. by teaching young students the
fun in stamps how they learn history with each stamps they hold in their hand...

I really hope that someday all schools will require this as an add on to their
history curriculums it is also a learning tool. its history in a little piece of paper
that you can carry anytime , anyday.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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