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Friday, June 23, 2017

Sinagtala -an advance birthday celebration

this blog is.... a lil too late, sorry. last June 17, I thought its going to be a regular
working routine for me at my computer shop, because its already late and I
have an injured finger, and so I thought of staying at the shop. but I got a
message with the word "sinagtala", made a google search, then I replied.
I'm IN. even with an injured finger hahaha. so this is my story.

last Saturday is part 2 of my barkada's birthday treat to me. she told me of
a place that her rider friends mentioned. a breathtaking place found in Orani,
Bataan at Brgy. Tala which is located on the slopes on Mt. Natib.
a place called SINAGTALA

we traveled for 2 hrs via SCTEX to Bataan, along the way we saw lots of
fruit vendors, then surprisingly?  lomi houses!
I saw Nanay Susan's Lomi House just outside Sinagtala Farm Resort.
my thoughts that day was to try Their special lomi if in case we are denied entry
I saw from the sign that it only cost 40php.per order Batangas goto is 30php.
Day tour and overnight accommodations in Sinagtala Farm Resort are for
RESERVATIONS ONLY. All reservation bookings need to be confirmed prior
to check in date.

if you did not do this you will be disappointed because you will be prohibited from
entering , we were lucky to have a media pass and with Jen's charm  the guard on
duty allowed us.

the area is called Sinagtala and it is big. I dont have the full video. but you can view
it to give you an idea.

I saw a playground where kids can enjoy and meet new playmates.

This is a place to unwind, relax and discover new things and have an adventure
with your special someone.
here are some of the pictures of the activities you can do.
thanks to my pretty photog Jen.
 go around the farm using this.
notice that the park uses local and environmentally friendly materials. Bamboo
Gravel roads are noticeable by visitors inside. Sinagtala it has concrete pavement
sidewalks for leisurely strolling.

 experience farm life

 have a look at some of the rooms being constructed.
 souvenir shopping

They offer a guided trekking adventure tour which is only 100php/head plus free use
of the badminton and table tennis.

here animals like these roam free, and were not afraid of us.

Sinagtala is surrounded by a ravine forest and different kinds of trees planted
inside their farm. Different mountains can be seen from Sinagtala like Mt. Arayat,
Mt. Pinatubo, and Mt. Natib.

By the way, proper swimming attire is required.and they are very strict when
it comes to swimwear but you can see chicks not following the rules.and why so
strict? because cotton will clog pool filters.period.

one of name of their room areas is called duyan, where 12 rooms are offered with  2,500php.
good for 2 to 6 persons. I notice there are no Aircons and TVs on all rooms since it
is an eco-friendly environment and they want their guests to enjoy the beauty of nature.

lunch is served with filipino food. sinigang, rice, kare kare, after lunch, we toured the
other areas and places of interest in the huge lot.
and here are some more pictures.

tomorrow, Saturday, will be the last part of my birthday celebration, and the end of 
the 3 part birthday treat of my barkada and pretty photog Jen.
thanks to her my birthday is complete, better than last year's Baguio tour.
tomorrow we will go to LAS CASAS de Acuzar. because I love old houses, I
love Philippine history.
my blog goes till here. 
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out

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