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Thursday, July 28, 2016

my Galant's new owner

I built my very first "daddy's car" 2 yrs back when I swapped my spare 
daihatsu Feroza for this Mitsubishi Galant. it was a long process of building
and I loved that car so much I seldom drive him out. ever since it was built
everyone knows that I drive my Cefiro to run my errands. I wont sell my 
Galant until I meet a new deserving owner , whom I know will take care 
of her.

the past few weeks was different and memorable for me, because I have 
decided to sell my beloved car to someone very close to me, she is my 
travel  buddy, companion photographer all in one partner, Donna.

the mitsubishi Galant  (Ysabel) I built from scratch is now named "Baby". 
and she will drive this from now on. be sure to greet her when you see
her on the rode.

we decided to try it out for a spin and test drive at U.P. because its just so beautiful and 
peaceful to walk around, or drive around.... so shady, so tranquil. perfect.

so she is now the new owner and care taker of my Galant, I wont be missing
my Galant because we see each other every week.

well my short blog goes till here. ONE LOVE, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis 
signing out

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