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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A day in the life of: LEA BERNABE

We usually see carshow babes set the carshow floors on fire, donning breathtaking
and sensational clothes with high heels, sexy shots, surrounded by photographers,
and idolized by so many but few realized that after every "racket"
their real life is as ordinary as any other individual.

Meet my 24 yr old friend from Cainta Rizal--  Lea, one of the hardest
working models of the moment, manages to keep it together in style.
hard working because she has managed to have her own place, and
she already gave her mom her own business.

all I can say is she is a lady with lots of dreams and an achiever too.
she has been dreaming to become a model ever since she was a
little girl, since she is the only child and she lost her father at a
young age, when all the little girls were out playing, she was different..
her mom was a former factory worker, and at a young age......

Lea became independent, and every day was a challenge in life.
she works as an encoder so she can sustain her education. when she
finished her education, she landed a good position at the head office

of SM Corporate, party solution events management which allowed
her to buy her own place and manage to give her mom a small business.

and gave her Mom a small business.

Meet EXPLICIT BABE, Lea Bernabe. product endorser, friend, and
carshow model.

We have all  seen and met a car show model one time in our lives
No auto show anywhere in the world is really complete without
them in attendance.
and behind that perfectly fit, beautiful looking model is a brand endorser, a
product specialist are more than just pretty faces. most of them are friendly.

the perfect model is someone  who not only looks good, (on camera)but
is able to competently explain features, facts and answer questions about the
cars on display. LEA can do all that.

her motto in life?
“Always smile, study hard and not get stressed out."
here are some of her pictures...

So you want to meet Lea in person? yes, you can...
see her this coming May 21 at EXPLICIT CAR AND MOTORBIKE SHOW
happening at QC circle.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis , Signing out, see you at QC Circle!


  1. :) very inspiring story
    Keep it up Lea.Godbless always

  2. :) very inspiring story
    Keep it up Lea.Godbless always

  3. im so proud i met this super woman!! great job Lea girl

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